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October 11, 2013

The CDMC Annual Committee Meeting

  • Nearly all institutional reps have registered, so registration is now open for additional attendees. We have 10 spaces, first come first serve. We will close registration when we reach capacity.
  • Date is October 29th in Portland.
  • Please contact me if you are not a CDMC institutional rep and would like to attend.

DDA Program

  • Statistical highlights from the first two years of our DDA program are now online.
  • As of today, we have 13,760 activated titles and 1,103 owned titles in the DDA program.
  • I am considering producing an individual report for each institution. Is this of interest?

Upcoming Presentations

  • Linda Di Biase (UW) and I will be presenting next week at OCLC's Collective Insight event in LA on the DDA program.
  • Xan Arch (Reed) and Jill Emery (PSU) will be presenting on ebooks and business models next week at Springer's Summit for Academic Libraries at the University of Portland.
  • Linda Di Biase (UW) will be presenting at the Charleston Conference with colleagues from Florida, YBP, and ProQuest about consortial DDA programs.

Do you have an Alliance-related collections presentation or publication coming up? Let me know so I can share it!

Primo-related Collections News

In case you missed it, Readex announced an agreement with Ex Libris to include a number of their collections in the Primo Central Index. This is very good news.

Collections-Related Policies Under Discussion

Minimum Acquisitions Data Policy for Alma (responsibility: Collaborative Technical Services Team's Acquisitions Working Group)

The Alliance's Strategic Agenda Update

The Council will soon be considering the latest draft of the new Orbis Cascade Alliance Strategic Agenda. The process is documented on the Strategic Planning Group's website  and there is a link to outcomes developed at the July Council retreat. The latest draft of the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Agenda is linked from the September 30th agenda for the Board.