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November 1, 2013

Annual Collection Development & Management Committee Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting! We owe Lynn Chmelir a big thanks for kicking it off with a reminder about the fundamental importance of cooperation. She thoughtfully reminded us how the shared ILS will aid that value in our collection development and management. Thank you, Lynn.

While we await the new Strategic Plan and our charges in November, we had really productive conversations about potential directions of CDMC. Alma Analytics, unique library materials, the threshold policy, and ebook sharing all seemed to emerge as important issues to tackle in the near term. The Steering Team will be discussing feedback from the membership and Council's charge at its Nov. 25th meeting.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, we have posted the slides online for you to view. Notes are forthcoming.

Library-specific reports on DDA Program Usage, July 2012-June 2013

[Library reports are available upon request. Email me for your report.] The reports are Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx files). Each file provides five tabs of data:
  1. Summary Use, Definitions: A summary of Owned Browse, Owned Loan, Unowned Browse, and Unowned Loan data for each institution. At the bottom of that sheet, you will also see definitions for "owned," "unowned," "loan," and "browse." Those categories are how each set of data is reported in the following three sheets.
  2. By Title: Types of use by individual titles.
  3. By Publisher: Type of use by individual publishers. Note: Data errors often have "Taylor & Francis" and "Taylor and Francis" listed separately. They should be considered as one imprint.
  4. By LC Class: I abbreviated the LC call numbers provided by EBL and tabulated use. Type of use by broad LC class.
  5. Raw Usage Data: This is the root data for the tables on spreadsheets 2-4. The data on this sheet is specific to one institution.
If you would like to compare your library's use to that of the Alliance as a whole, see DDA Program Usage Report FY13, posted on the Ebook program statistics page.

All the best,

Kathi Carlisle Fountain
Collection Services Program Manager
Orbis Cascade Alliance