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May 30, 2014

DDA Short Term Loans - Update

The Ebook Working Group met this week to discuss this issue. We agreed on three approaches to title removal from the DDA program to keep costs within budget.

We are eliminating the 7-day loan download option, which is more expensive than a 1-day loan. This change took place today.

We are going to remove titles that have increased in price above our $250 limit. This is essentially a clean-up process we had not previously done, and we'll plan to do this annually each summer.

We are also going to look at removing back list titles, oldest first, until we meet our record target.

I am working with EBL to pull use statistics for the titles we have thus far identified. I have title lists posted online and I will add use statistics when they are completed.

I expect the title removal process to begin the week of June 16, but I will confirm that date and details when we have a final title list and removal plan in place.

Both Linda Di Biase (UW) and I have been interviewed by the Chronicle of Higher Education to provide our perspective on these increases. The Collection Development and Management Committee is considering drafting a more formal statement to share. The cost containment page, which addresses our practical solutions, is currently serving as our public statement.

Ebook Subscription

We are hosting two presentations for ebook subscription products on June 10th:
ebrary from 10-11 AM
EBSCO from 11 AM - Noon

Our essential question to the membership will be the following: should we request permission from Council to use the DDA budget to support both
1) the DDA budget (ownership approach), and
2) a shared ebook subscription (access approach).
If so, which product. (don't answer now!)

The Ebook Working Group is putting together a comparison sheet for the two products. We will also issue a survey after the presentations to seek feedback from each institution.

I will send out connection details and the comparison sheet next week.