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July 25, 2014

Ebook Subscription

Council approved a proposal from the Ebook Working Group to use a portion of the DDA funds towards an ebook subscription for all member libraries.

We have received the ProQuest proposal for their Academic Complete product and are currently in negotiations.

Shared Content Team development

A small group from the Board is in the earlier stages of setting goals for the Shared Content Team. This new team with bring together the activities from the Collection Development and Management Committee and the Electronic Resources Program.

As John and Greg announced earlier, Greg plans to retire this fall, and I will be taking over his Electronic Resources duties. Wish me luck! Those are big shoes to fill!

DDA Update

I updated the purchased titles list today, and it includes the 268 direct purchases made in mid-June.

ProQuest just announced their third set of short term loan rate increases this summer. Wiley is now raising rates as expected, and our original financial outlook appears correct. We continue to believe that record removal is the best way to mitigate those potential costs.

In the last month, a group formed by the Ebook Working Group has been testing record removal options. Our goal continues to be to remove records in early August, but it is unclear if we will meet the August 1 target.