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July 11, 2014

Summer Meeting

A big thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to a very interesting and useful Summer Meeting! The CDMC was well represented - in talks about consortium-wide analytics, the ebook program and record management, and streaming video options. It was great to meet many of you face-to-face.

Please do fill out the Summer Meeting evaluation: http://orbiscascade.org/AllianceSummer

DDA Statistics

Our latest DDA statistics have been posted on the Ebooks page and are linked below. I will update the purchased titles list upon my return from vacation, the week of July 21st.

Over the course of the year, we spent $874,144.15.
Total No. of STLs against 9,975 titles: 28,595
Total No. of Purchases: 470 (auto-purchases); 267 (direct purchases)

The amount remaining in our budget will roll over into FY15 and help cushion our budget against the increase short term loan rates.

FY 2014: Usage Report, Expenditure Report
2014 (May): Usage Report, Expenditure Report
2014 (June): Usage Report, Expenditure Report

Ebook Subscription

The membership has voted and wants the Alliance to pursue an agreement with ProQuest for the ebrary Academic Complete subscription package.

In today's Council meeting, the Council voted unanimously to approve funds from the DDA budget to be used for this purpose.

We expect a price proposal from ProQuest on July 21st.

Streaming Video

At the Summer Meeting, many collections folks came together to talk about the potential for the Alliance to move forward together on an acquisition of streaming video. Given the variety of interests at different institutions and the lack of money, we think an  "all in" option like the ebook program is unlikely. CDMC will begin the process of considering products, pricing, acquisition options, and ownership level (local vs. consortial) and see what kind of options we could pursue.