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January 31, 2014

DDA Updates

The Ebook Working Group is currently in its annual evaluation process for the DDA project. DDA Liaisons have been asked to complete a survey that includes questions about recommended publishers to add and for opinions on ownership vs. access models.

At the last Ebook Working Group meeting (1/16/14), the members agreed to keep the current model for the DDA program intact for the coming fiscal year. We will continue to have a central pool of titles and funding, trigger purchases at the Xth short term loan (currently 15th), and purchase titles for 5 times list price. We continue to explore alternative approaches to best meet the needs of the member libraries and get the best value for our investment.

Streaming Video

Given the announcement of an evidence-based purchasing program between Alexander Street Press and a group of Arizona university libraries, I have begun conversations with Alexander Street Press to determine what kind of program would work for our consortium. This is an exciting development for video and for consortia. Stay tuned!

CDMC Planning

This is the planning cycle for the new Strategic Plan, so the CDMC Steering Team is working on a list of projects we'd like to propose to the Board and Council. The list should come as no surprise to CDMC members, as we discussed many potential initiatives and asked for feedback at the CDMC Annual meeting last fall.


Kathi Carlisle Fountain
Collection Services Program Manager
Orbis Cascade Alliance