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Alma Developments for Collections

The CDMC Steering Team submitted a list of three Alma development proposals to the Center of Excellence Team. This team reviews, helps prioritize, and assigns teams to work on development of consortial functionality in Alma with Ex Libris staff. We have requested enhanced statistical functionality, enhanced selector tools, and enhanced network zone management of electronic resources.

Unique Items Reports

I've received several questions regarding the reports on unique items in each library. To make sure we all understand the reports, they are based on OCLC symbols, and the records are derived from the WorldCat database. Each institution should have a report for each OCLC symbol. If you are unable to access the files in Dropbox (some have reported problems), I have loaded them in Google Drive as an alternative source. Email me, and I will send you the links.

A Blast from the Past: The NetLibrary Collection (Update)

Ten years ago, a group of academic libraries got together to purchase a collection of about 3,000 titles collectively. These titles should now be available in EBSCO - the new owner of NetLibrary books - but I am working with my contact in EBSCO to ensure we have MARC records in our catalogs.

My goal when working on record loading was to load all records once, like our DDA records, and maintain them centrally. I have hit two snags.
Snag 1: This collection was purchased in the early 2000s, and the owning libraries do not include all 37 libraries.
Snag 2: We need all libraries to own the titles to manage them as a set at the moment. Ownership is required for all if we have OCLC set holdings. Also, Alma does not yet have the functionality to manage a set of e-resource records owned by only some.

I am pursuing a quote to get all 37 libraries as owners. If that fails, we will wait for Alma functionality to do record maintenance with a subset of libraries.

Upcoming Presentations/Publications

Do you have an Alliance-related collections presentation or publication coming up? Let me know so I can share it!


Kathi Carlisle Fountain
Collection Services Program Manager
Orbis Cascade Alliance