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January 23, 2015

DDA Update

2,010 owned (1,964 currently linked in Alma)
17,567 discovery titles (17,472 currently linked in Alma)

With Cohort 4's go-live, all DDA titles are managed centrally in the Network Zone. Hooray and congrats! If you encounter a problem with a DDA title, send me a report. I'll troubleshoot the problem and make Alma corrections as necessary.

Publishers continue to announce short term loan increases, but they do not continue to dramatically affect the E-book Program. The majority of our DDA catalog is from Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Oxford, and Cambridge, and the group's action took their price changes into account. Further changes will only have minor consequences to our program.

DDA expenditures are in line with expectations. The work the E-book Working Group did to remove titles last summer has kept our budget in the black.

Academic Complete Titles: Updates

The Collaborative Technical Services Team adopted a policy requiring libraries to activate the Academic Complete collection in the Alma Community Zone (see policy here).

ProQuest conducted its semi-annual record withdrawal on December 23rd. I have a copy of the withdrawn titles list and have posted it to the website. The spreadsheet includes a full titles list, and it is analyzed by publisher and year of publication.

Electronic Resources Program Feedback

Thanks to all who have been patient with Margarita and I as we have taken over the reigns of the Electronic Resources Program. We are quickly coming up to speed!

Our strategy has been to continue all existing practices while we learned the ropes. Now we want to hear from you! We plan to hold two open calls to seek your program feedback and answer questions. We will be asking you about what practices you'd like to continue, what you'd like to change, and for any other comments that can help us serve you best.

Mark your calendars for these dates. Go-to-Meeting credentials will be sent to the E-Resources lists (members and nonmembers) the week of the meetings.
  • Thursday, Feb. 12, 3 - 4 PM
  • Friday, Feb. 13, 10-11 AM