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December 13, 2013

DDA Update
The program has spent 24% of its budget for the year. We are currently working with YBP and EBL to determine an appropriate number of records from new publishers to our profile. When the new publishers have been determine by the working group, we will share details with you all.

As of today, the Alliance owns 1,199 titles in the DDA program. It has 14,534 titles available for use by our patrons. The latest expenditure reports and purchased title lists were added to the Ebook Working Group's website today.

We did identify one publisher, Apress - a Springer imprint, that has been erroneously included in our profile since the beginning of the program. We are working with YBP to quickly remove the 46 records from our catalogs. Given the improvements in technical management and the small set of records, this process will be much smoother than the (large) record pull in November 2012.

Steering Committee Work
The Steering Committee has been busy discussing the new Alliance Strategic Plan, considering the future of shared print approval plans, the sharing of ebooks (more on this soon), and unique Alliance materials (below).

Unique Materials at Each Library

As mentioned last week, Mark Watson and Dave Fowler, both of University of Oregon, were able to capture some collections information from WorldCat in order to produce library-specific reports about the unique titles we each hold. By all accounts, it's a fascinating set, including - I hear - puzzles and hot dog sections and pipettes.

Each library has a unique report, and there is a summary for us all to review. [Email me to request a copy.]

Best on this Friday the 13th,


Kathi Carlisle Fountain
Collection Services Program Manager
Orbis Cascade Alliance