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August 15, 2014

Direction of the Ebook program

The budget for Alliance ebooks remains $1,000,000 for fiscal year 2015. In the year ahead, that budget will be divided between continuing the DDA program and subscribing to an ebook database. This is a conscious effort to improve access to a broader collection of titles without sacrificing ownership potential.

The Ebook Working Group views the DDA component as a front-list collection, with titles published only in the last few years included (right now: since 2012). The ebook database subscription will provide back-list content. DDA content that is used frequently enough to trigger a purchase or justify a direct purchase will be added to the Alliance's permanent ebook collection. Those not purchased will be removed on a routine schedule (to be determined) and may appear in the subscription database for access beyond the front-list period.

The publishers' short term loan increases announced by ProQuest this summer present a significant challenge to the affordability of our DDA program. Over the next year, the Ebook Working Group will be monitoring the budget closely and may have additional recommendations for modifying the DDA program.  

Ebook Subscription Package - Status Update

This week, we reached an agreement on cost with ProQuest for an Alliance-wide subscription to their Academic Complete book database. The Ebook Working Group will review the license before finalizing our commitment. Thank you all for your patience with this process.

DDA Technical Update

Record Removal

The record removal process that occurred on August 1st removed access to 4,962 unowned DDA titles. The copyright dates for these titles are almost exclusively 2011 and earlier. We were able to turn off access and remove the corresponding portfolios in Alma on the same day. Cohort 4 is still waiting for an OCLC record feed to delete these titles, which is expected on or around August 23.

Authentication in Primo

Authentication problems reported by the University of Puget Sound resulted in a successful settings test in Alma and Primo on Friday, August 8th. Authentication should now work smoothly in institutions using EZ Proxy, Shibboleth, and CAS. If you encounter problems, report them to Kathi Fountain.