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April 7, 2014

Alliance Team Reorganization

During the Council meeting in mid-March, Council approved a new organizational structure which will affect all of the teams. The work of the Collection Development and Management Committee will be folded into the Shared Content Team. We are awaiting a charge from the Board, the set of priorities for the Team, and a timeline for implementation. For now, you can preview the new organizational chart.

DDA Funding Formula

In its annual report, the Ebook Working Group recommended a new funding formula that adds use of the DDA program into the funding calculation. The Council is still considering all budget questions, and we will know what they approve in early May. I will share as I have more information.

DDA Expenditures

The Ebook Program budget is 52% spent. The latest statistics have been posted on the program's website  The Ebook Working Group will meet soon to determine a plan for end of the year expenditures.

Summer Meeting

Along with other teams, CDMC is considering programming to offer at the Alliance Summer Meeting July 9-10, related to collections and the shared ILS. If it is not already on your calendar, please plan to join us.