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April 25, 2014

Alliance Team Reorganization

The Collection Development and Management Committee has been reviewing the Board's draft description of the Shared Content Team in the new Alliance organizational structure. Jill Emery, Chair of CDMC will be submitting comments drawn on the feedback of the CDMC membership.

The process of implementation includes the following: finalization of the group's charge (a long-term team description), assignment of team projects (short-term assignments), and appointment of team members. The timeline is not yet clear for this process, but we are in stage one.

DDA and WEST funding

This week, the Council is voting on the DDA funding formula and continuing WEST funding. The funding formula for the DDA program includes "use" as a factor for the first time in the program's history.

WEST has projected higher premiums on membership as they move from grant-supported to member-supported funding structure.

I will let you know the outcome of both votes in the coming weeks.  

Ebook Program

The Ebook Working Group received Council's blessing to examine options for altering our approach to our DDA program. Our goal is to best serve all members of the Alliance through ebooks. At the moment, we are looking at alternative purchasing models with EBL particularly, but we're also examining the cost of a consortium-wide ebook subscription package from a variety of vendors. We will keep the DDA liaisons in the loop as we consider our options. We also plan to hold a session during the Alliance Summer Meeting about these potential program changes.