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Supports the integration of the Summit resource sharing framework (Summit 3) into the Primo/Alma environment. The Summit COE identifies strategic areas of impact and works closely with Ex Libris to improve consortial functionality.

Focus on immediate functional and long-term strategic improvements to resource sharing workflows and service delivery.

Current Members
Shanel Parette, Chair  Willamette University 
Heidi Nance 
University of Washington
Kate Ball Jones University of Oregon
Meghan Williams
Western Washington University
Jesse Thomas, ex-officio  University of Idaho 
Ray Henry   Orbis Cascade Alliance 

Past Members
Kate Cabe Western Washington University
Julie Carter Whitman College
Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen Oregon Tech
Sue Shipman Washington State University
David Ketchum University of Oregon

  • Launched in June 2014
  • Ongoing work through 2016/2017
  • Proposal to wrap up the initiative delivered to Ex Libris Q2 2016

Key area of impact: stabilizing baseline functionality

These are considered baseline functionalities, without which we cannot move forward on strategic issues.

1. Syncing/timeout/locate errors resolved 
These issues get resolved per institution as they come up, but the root causes continue to negatively impact resource sharing and are not something that institutions can develop workarounds to handle in the interim.

Related cases:
  • SF 137015 (Expired requests don’t send cancellation notices - status: development), originally fixed with Alma March 2015 release
  • SF 164526 (Summit 3 syncing errors - status: Waiting for Process)
  • SF 174463 (Increased number of “Ready to Be Sent” requests - status: pending March 2016 Alma release)
  • SF 180265 (Request stuck in “Waiting for Cancel Response” - status: closed as resolved in December Alma release)
  • SF 178211 (Requests stuck in “Ship Physically” - status: closed)
  • SF 184043 (Request stuck in “Ready to Be Sent” - status: pending March 2016 Alma release)
  • SF 206222 (Requests stuck in “Ship Physically” - status: pending)
  • SF 213658 (Duplicate lending request - status: Tier 2 New)
  • SF 207494 (Multiple lending request with the same external IDs - status: closed as resolved, auto locate issue)
  • SF 207495 (Multiple active partners on borrowing request - status: closed as resolved, auto locate issue)
  • Ex Libris internal cases: URM-47421, URM-47345, URM-28375, URM-47421.
2. Real Time Availability/Requestability in Primo, including holdings and location information for other consortium libraries
Making interface promises that are kept for our end users - if an item is either not available for loan (or is not requestable for loan), patrons should not see it as available, and should also be presented with the correct alternate requesting function.

Related cases:
  • Indirectly related: SF 204869, SF 203692 (non-requestable items/closed locations not showing Summit request link - status: pending release and waiting for process)
  • Primarily promoted as important through COE calls, through submitting enhancement requests, and through other communications with Ex Libris
  • Ex Libris internal case: URM-46074
3. Anonymization of patron data
Anonymization of patron data supports consortia doing collaborative work, including running consortial analytics reports, testing releases consortium-wide in an Alma sandbox environment, and allowing patrons to move between institutions as borrowers. 

Related cases:
  • None at present
  • Primarily promoted as important through COE calls and other communications with Ex Libris
4. Stable Summit request form
The Summit request form is the gateway to Alliance resource sharing. Having that form pass appropriate metadata for the locate process in the rota, be customizable to configure unused entry fields to be hidden from users, and to have changes to that form be backwards compatible (so that it isn’t fragile or broken when new releases are installed) is critical to the Alliance’s core services.

Related cases:
  • SF 137554 (Request to move away from using CSS as a primary control mechanism - status: Development, with some improvements made in the March 2016 release, more in the May 2016 release), Ex Libris internal case URM-45807
  • SF 166205, 167407 (Disallowing duplicate requests - status: pending March 2016 release), Ex Libris internal cases URM-49657 (ISBN, projected for February) and URM-54472 (OCLC number, projected for March)
  • SF 178023 (Fixing failed requests with quotation marks in the title - status: pending April 2016 Alma release)
  • SF 201440 (Removing the article request form problematic metadata matching; Alliance libraries don’t lend these as returnables - status: Tier 2 analysis), Ex Libris internal case URM-45807
  • SF 211919 (Alma sandbox not loading mashup.css - status: development)
  • SF 213295 (Request forms displaying incorrectly post-Alma release - status: pending customer response)
5. Task lists, alerts, and workflow support (including troubleshooting)
Support accurate audit trails and task lists, as well as batch processing of cleanup tasks.

Related cases:
  • SF 137314, SF 157656, SF 196538 (Phantom lending requests with active general messages - status: development)
  • SF 134581, SF 134879, SF 136631, SF 137314, SF 139768, SF 140631, SF 149311, and SF 154106 (Stuck/phantom borrowing requests with active general messages - status: closed/pending Alma June 2015 release)
  • SF 157169 (Task lists with empty queues but task count indicators - status: development)
  • SF 167568 (Dismissed/deleted resource sharing notes still appear in task list - status: development)
  • SF 190467 (Redundant cancel message/incorrect status information - status: development), ExL URM-49405
  • SF 156022 (Allow batch deletion of expired RS requests - status: development)
  • SF 106001, SF 136614 (Allow batch deletion of completed RS requests - status: closed/development), Ex Libris internal case: URM-25865, proposed Resource Sharing enhancement request for 2016 cycle
  • SF 174956, SF 174961 (Request to create a new resource sharing status of “Lost or Damaged” - status: development), Ex Libris internal case: URM-19352, proposed Resource Sharing enhancement request for 2016 cycle 
  • Configurability: in general, the ability to have more flexibility in presenting functionality is preferred, and has been raised in multiple cases and calls
  • Other related Ex Libris internal cases: URM-48341, URM-42545, and URM-49621
6. Flexible, timely, accurate patron notifications
Helping patrons understand what is expected of them and giving them clarity about potential impacts or next steps.

Related cases:
  • SF 164449 (Add journal title to canceled request letter - status: pending March 2016 Alma release)
  • SF 186449 (Separate cancellation letter for resource sharing requests - status: closed; pursue as an enhancement request), proposed Resource Sharing enhancement request for 2016 cycle
  • Ex Libris internal case: URM-49306

Key area of impact: strategic functionality improvements

These are considered core strategic initiatives for Summit resource sharing.

1. Pick up anywhere
  • Ex Libris internal case: URM-20480
2. Return anywhere

3. Visiting patrons
  • Ex Libris internal cases: URM-16074, URM-46074, URM-51753
4. Resource sharing pre-configured reports in Alma analytics
  • SF 143485 (Alliance-wide Alma analytics reporting - status: development), Ex Libris internal case: URM-34052