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Bibliographic record management (including Network Zone)

Gain efficient management of Network Zone records through the use of ongoing imports and day to day management tools.

Team Members
Al Cornish
Orbis Cascade Alliance
Cassie Schmitt
Orbis Cascade Alliance
Bob Thomas
Western Washington University (until August 2016)
Tom Larsen
Portland State University
Milly Williams
Portland Community College

  • Initial meetings conducted on August 12 and October 15, 2015
  • Meeting conducted on January 21 to review ExL support for a merge rule to conditionally retain fields
  • Meeting in May 2016 at ELUNA conference
  • Additional meetings conducted throughout spring/summer of 2016

The Alliance and Ex Libris agreed to work on the below issues. This information was last updated on January 3, 2016.

Salesforce case numbers are in brackets, and status information is in italics. Issues with no status information will be addressed in future work. 

Under development, testing, or partial functionality delivered.

  • Automation of record merging and moving all inventory data to the retained merged record [Need described in Salesforce case 00136244] 
    • Status: May 2016 release included a report to identify duplicate records. June 2016 release included the ability to merge records and combine associated inventory, in batch. Before the end of 2016 an automated merge as part of the import process will be released.
    • Sept 2016: Alliance has provided feedback to Ex Libris on development concepts and Ex Libris is developing/testing initial solutions
    • November  2016: Ex Libris delivered solutions to Alliance feedback with the November hot fix. The Alliance provided feedback to Ex Libris in December 2016. The majority of issues have been resolved.
  • Allow for hierarchy of encoding levels rather than binary in overlay calculation [Need described in Salesforce case 00131859] 
    • Status:  Functionality available with the Alma June 2016 release and the Alma August 2016 release. The Alliance completed building of encoding levels rules before the August release. Significant problems with this functionality have been discovered during testing after the August 2016 release. The Alliance has provided Ex Libris with our findings.
  • Locate and delete bibliographic records in the Network Zone that are not used by members [Need described in Salesforce case 00127631]
    • Status: Solution is part of the Alma roadmap, and will be delivered by the end of 2016. 
    • Available in January 2017 Alma release. Alliance is testing.


  • Provide consortial marker for cataloging review  [Need described in Salesforce case 00110414]
    • Status: ExL reverting back to original plan to use a local extension on Network Zone bibliographic records. ExL will need to do a special development to support the marker.
  • Modify all match processes to ignore repository records' 035$z fields Need described in Salesforce case 00140912]  
    • Status:  Will be discussed after resolution of Automation of record merging and moving all inventory data to the retained merged record. Note that this need will be easier to understand after the number of duplicate record clusters has been reduced. 


  • Retain originating system timestamp [Need described in Salesforce case 00123677] 
    • Status:  Needed functionality delivered in the January 2016 Alma release. Alma Network Zone record timestamps have been reset.Testing results satisfactory. 
  • During overlay retain 035 fields [Need described in Salesforce case 0014114] 
    • Status: Delivered in March 2016 Alma release. After significant implementation problems (described in cases 00211002 and 00212779) a functioning merge rule was implemented. A record cleanup project was needed to correct records damaged prior to the implementation of a functioning merge rule. The Alliance and Ex Libris worked together to develop a solution to the clean up project. All solutions identified were unsatisfactory due to the time involved and/or potential results. Decision made on the Alliance side to allow regular updating of records to solve this problem over time.