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Image/multimedia, EAD, ETDs and other institutional digital content, and research data. The relationship of EAD documents and associated digital content is of critical importance.

The integration of digital content into Alma (with discovery of this content in Primo) is a core functionality need, enabling support for the Unified Resource Management vision behind Alma (scope of Alma is the entire library collection). The Alliance has extensive experience that it can contribute to the integration of digital format support into Alma and Primo.

The Alliance will use the following criteria for success of the initiative as it works with Ex Libris:
  • Primo must be optimized for search engine exposure, or managing digital objects in Alma is a non-starter
  • Primo display must be adapted to multi-part complex objects that are part of a collection. For background on the challenges and objectives, see theEuropeana white paper on this topic. 
  • Primo display must be optimized for more than one type of resource
  • Workflows for loading objects into Alma must be streamlined. They are currently too difficult to use.
  • All digital objects (including Dublin Core and Encoded Archival Description) must losslessly round-trip into and out of Alma
Further details described in this Alliance document, submitted to Ex Libris in December 2015.

Team Members
Jodi Allison-Bunnell
Orbis Cascade Alliance
Kyle Banerjee
Oregon Health & Science University
Al Cornish
Orbis Cascade Alliance

  • Launch in September 2015
  • Complete in July 2016
  • In the objectives document submitted to Ex Libris, the Alliance proposes to work with Ex Libris beyond July 2016 on Alma's Phase 3 digital development (support for institutional repositories)
2016 June 6: Project being re-scoped with new Alliance lead.

2016 January 19: These areas of interest were identified as potential areas of work in an Alliance-Ex Libris meeting:

  1. Search engine optimization and display of digital content in the discovery layer
    a. Alliance-side: Need examples of good/bad displays
  2. Workflows need to be streamlined
    a. Alliance-side:  Examples are needed
  3. Lossless round trip of data and use of Encoded Archival Description (EAD)
    a. Alliance-side:  Need to compile information on EAD and bi-directional transfer uses
  4. Migration paths for existing systems
    a. OAI-PMH as a potential, less technically demanding, way to migrate

Testing of Alma's digital support is being conducted in Alma sandbox environments (building collections, digital titles, representations, and files). 

Testing of Primo's support for search/presentation of Alma-hosted digital content will be possible following the install of the February Primo release on Alliance production. This will require for digital objects to be created in one or more Alliance production Alma environments.