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Collection Development & Management Committee

The Collection Development and Management Committee governed the Orbis Cascade Alliance's Collections Program for 10 years, from 2004 until 2014.

The CDMC is responsible for developing recommendations to Council regarding cooperative collection development and management. CMDC is expected to establish committee goals and develop recommendations that aid the development and use of member library collections as a unified collection. The scope of work includes policies and projects governing the development of physical and digital collections. Although the Committee is granted wide latitude in its development of recommendations, Council is particularly interested in creating projects that have a significant and tangible impact on collections and access to library materials. Where appropriate, projects can be designed to begin among a subset of members with an option to scale up quickly.

Committee Structure

The CDMC is a standing committee that operates with a Steering Team and a member representative from each institution. 

Membership Responsibilities

Committee members represent an entire member institution. Thus each representative is expected to gather input from all relevant divisions, branches, autonomous libraries, etc. and speak for the member institution.

CDMC has a rich history since its establishment in 2004. See its historic assignments and reports.

The E-book Working Group is the only standing working group at this time. The members of this working group oversee the E-book program, which is a demand driven acquisitions system operated by the Orbis Cascade Alliance. 

Earlier Sub-Groups

E-book Team (2010)

E-book Task Force (2009)