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The Content Creation and Dissemination Team provides broad oversight and leadership for the development, stewardship and dissemination of unique and local content. The Alliance values flexible, scalable approaches in support of new modes of scholarship, publication across the research lifecycle, and traditional and new uses of hidden collections in teaching and learning. As experts for the consortium, the team investigates and implements solutions for unique content needs, recommends consortium-wide practices, and supports an integrated approach for publishing, storing, discovering and preserving resources in our special collections, archives, and digital repositories.

The initial charge of the Content Creation and Dissemination Team is to provide recommendations that will inform Council decisions about the future of the CCD Program.

Specific tasks:

Current initiatives

  • Review and develop recommendations concerning current Alliance initiatives that fall within the scope of the CCD Program.

New initiatives

  • Develop prioritized recommendations concerning new activities and initiatives.


  • Recommend annual goals for 2016.


The following revised goals were approved by Council in March 2015:

Prioritized FY16 initiatives

  • Aggregate unique Alliance digital collections
    • Adopt Alliance metadata standards for born-digital and cultural heritage objects residing in digital asset management systems and institutional repositories that are the lightest possible option to increase interoperability regardless of infrastructure or presentation
    • Facilitate a coordinated approach to discovery of digital collections in the Alliance Primo environment
    • Become a Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Service Hub for all Alliance institutions .
  • Lead and/or participate in issues related to unique content in the SILS, including
    • Discovery and delivery (Primo)
    • Creation and management of metadata (Alma)
    • Identify and prioritize enhancements and forward to Systems
    • Identify and prioritize training needs and forward to Collaborative WF
    • Usability/accessibility
  • Continue current program offerings for unique content (EAD finding aids database and archives collection management), with a focus on SILS discovery of resources and efficient workflows for ingest.
  • Explore possible Alliance role(s) in creation, discovery, and access to Open Educational Resources (OER)s, including e-textbooks.
  • Perform environmental scan of data management issues in order to determine needs, current practices, and an appropriate Alliance role.
  • Develop digital preservation strategies
  • Focus on training/education/consultation and practical actions at the institutional level, coordinated by Alliance
  • Develop sessions devoted to digital preservation at the Alliance”s annual meeting.
  • Explore national-scale solutions including but not limited to Hathi Trust and Archivematica DuraCloud
  • Share unique collections
    • Limited scan-on-demand for limited quantities of unique collections at low or no cost
    • Explore physical collection sharing by connecting with existing collection sharing activities in region.
  • Engage with other Alliance programs and teams as new structure is clarified and as they are developed and staffed
    • Discovery & Delivery
    • Collaborative Workforce
    • Systems
  • COE initiative leadership
    • EAD management in Alma
    • Digital object management in Alma

High priority initiatives for a later date (FY17 or beyond, depending on resources)

  • Develop a shared digital repository with multiple functions (or recommend best practices for local implementations)
  • Institutional repository
  • Digital asset management
  • Data management
  • Online educational resources (OER)s
  • Share unique collections
    • Could be based on Courier infrastructure
  • Develop new policies and standards for handling and security
  • Collaborate with the Discovery & Delivery Team on disability/accessibility support for unique materials
  • Collaborate with the Collaborative Workforce Team to support unique collections work within a collaborative workforce program.

Current Initiatives

The CCD team also recommends:

  • Continuation of current program offerings for unique content (EAD finding aids database and archives collection management)
  • Endorsement of FY15 initiatives:planned site redesign for EAD finding aids database and finding successor tool for archives collection management

The Content Creation & Dissemination Team formed out of the Alliance's current Strategic Agenda, completed in 2014.