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Unique Collections Statement of Principles
DPLA Application Project Charter and Application Plan
EAD DB WG Timeline Change

Members Present

Maija Anderson, Talea Anderson, Rose Krause, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Devin Becker, Anne Jenner, Elizabeth Joffrion, Janet Hauck

Members Absent

Isaac Gilman

Key Documents

DPLA Application Project Charter
DPLA Application Plan for Board of Directors


Unique Collections Statement of Principles
We will be spending October drafting the statement of principles. What will our process be? What resources should we draw on?

Background on project; review of project charter.

Relationship of this project to the Collection Development Statement of Principles (https://www.orbiscascade.org/collection-development-principles/).

Bigger picture: Changing importance of unique collections in academic libraries. Giving a sense of what academic trends we”re responding to.

Extent of interest and excitement about unique collections in IRs: Can we draw on examples of success from members?

Extent of integration versus needs to operate differently.

Faculty relationships make a difference in many different ways.

Emergence of digital humanities.

Defining unique collections: Must ensure that we define this well, and having a sense of what reason we”re using that definition. We may need to distinguish where we”re defining it for the Alliance (based on our unique needs), and where we use a (more or less) universally accepted definition. Work on definition at next meeting; Isaac and Jodi can provide framework/structure

What other applicable statements of principles are available? ARL statement (older at this point)

Resources Literature on academic trends/changing importance of unique collections in academic libraries Teaching and learning with unique collections (Anne Bahde”s work at OSU)

What is our process for working on this in October? For October 10: Gather literature, statement of principles examples, prepare for definition conversation.

Products for November for conversations with Representatives: Written statement Case studies (if we decide x, we can do p, q, r)

DPLA Project Charter and Application Plan
The Team reviewed and approved the project charter. 

Because of very active discussions with the ED about timing interactions with Board and Council, this document and its status may be fluid. But please do review the DPLA application itself (linked in the document); the data sharing agreement is under revision and not available.

The Team reviewed and approved the document to go to the October 5-6 Board meeting, the DPLA application plan. If the Board approves, this will move to Council for approval.

Request that we complete recruiting now, but rework the charge and actually have the group work in the spring.

Jodi will re-work the charge and timeline, identify work scheduled for fall and how it can be done, and bring back for October10. If possible, the team will also consider WG candidates at that meeting.

Digital collections work is proceeding well.
AS implementation is also proceeding well, with a very productive Archival Collection Management Working Group.
UCSILS interaction with D&D/Norm Rules and planning process for interaction with D&D/CW/Systems in general 
OERs WG: actively recruiting

Minutes taken by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager.