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Statement of Principles
Working Group appointments
Share Collections WG Charge
OER WG Charge
DPLA Application
Digital Content COE
ArchivesSpace Implementation

Members Present

Talea Anderson, Anne Bahde, Devin Becker, Isaac Gilman, Maija Anderson, Rose Krause, Mark Dahl, Janet Hauck, Beth Joffrion

Members Absent


Key Documents

In Team's Google Drive


Statement of Principles
Review final version of project charter.
Discussion of addition of live or MOOC style forum on unique collections in academic libraries: The team thought this would be a great opportunity and a great idea. The team also concluded that we might add this depending on the outcomes of potential discussion with the Board and Council at the February-March meetings.
Final approval: yes

Digital Collections Working Group Appointments
Appointed: Sean Lind, Theo Gerontakos, Julia Simic

Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group Appointments
Appointed: Ruth Steele, Hilary Robbeloth, Suzanne James-Bacon, provisionally Anne Bahde (waiting for confirmation--Beth will follow up and confirm with team)

The WG chairs will meet with Norm Rules WG/AG next week. The WG will need to consult with rare books cataloguers, including Whitney Buccicone at UW. Beth and Rose will make those contacts.

Digital Preservation Working Group Appointments
Appointed: Sara Amato, Brian Davis, Laura Buchholz, Danielle Mericle, Moriah Caruso

OER Working Group Charge
Charge approved.
Webinar this morning: Someone asked the presenter about Alliance role in OERs. She said she’d love to have that conversation.

Share Collections Working Group Charge
The group considered the draft charge for the group. We will reconsider and do this charge/appoint this group in the latter half of this year. We have insufficient capacity to do this work at this time.

DPLA Application
Update on meeting with DPLA staff, work with MAL and programmer, direction from ED.

Digital Content COE
No further information available.

ArchivesSpace Implementation
Jodi continues to work with LibraryHost on the hosting contractThe Archival Collection Management Working Group is doing great and substantial work.

Minutes taken by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager.