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Unique collections Statement of Principles
ArchivesSpace Implementation
DPLA Application
Working Group Updates

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Mark Dahl, Rose Krause, Anne Jenner, Talea Anderson, Maija Anderson, Elizabeth Joffrion, Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Members Absent

Devin Becker, Janet Hauck

Key Documents


Unique Collections Statement of Principles (Isaac and Maija)

Isaac and Maija have followed up on last meeting to flesh out the definition and list potential topics for the statement of principles. React, discuss, and revise as needed. The group made considerable revisions to the document. Isaac, Maija, and Jodi will revise and bring back to next meeting.

Revised timeline for this work: We had proposed taking this to the BOD/Council in Feb-Mar; this is clearly not feasible, and we’re shooting for June-July. Given that, proposed revised timeline for taking to CCD Reps and other groups.

ArchivesSpace Implementation (Jodi)

Update on implementation, hosting, documentation, and training.

18 institutions in cohort 1, waiting to hear from two more.

Two institutions from cohorts 2 and 3 are doing test migrations during Cohort 1.

Once I hear from everyone we will proceed with our hosting contract.

Documentation is in great shape thanks to the Archival Collection Management Working Group.

The working group is turning to the workshops and recorded training, which is challenging and time-consuming.

DPLA Application

Jodi and Dana Bostrom will meet with Emily Gore next week to discuss a number of things.

The Metadata Applications Librarian, Digital Collections WG, and harvester programmer are making great progress on the final specifications. Part of what the project will present in November is questions about approaches to cleanup.

Working Group Updates

Digital Collections: Along with the harvester work, the group is completing some more metadata review that will inform our remediation efforts. They will release a package of information to CCD reps and other groups on November 14 about their proposed approaches and hold forums in November with CCD reps and with other groups in December to discuss those approaches and make choices.

Unique Collections in the SILS: Rose and Beth have been reaching out to many Alliance groups via listservs, open calls, and team/wg meetings to introduce the UCSILS WG’s work. Gathering documentation based on known issues. Set open forums for Nov 2, 3, and 4. Potential cross-team collaboration with Norm Rules and TS on new normalization rules. Also ongoing work to provide materials to CCD folks for norm rules testing so that they can be informed or influence effectively; the “translator” role.

Minutes taken by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager.