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Unique Collections Statement of Principles
Working Group Appointments
DPLA Application Timeline and Board
Working Group Updates

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Janet Hauck, Maija Anderson, Mark Dahl, Rose Krause, Talea Anderson, Anne Jenner, Devin Becker, Beth Joffrion, Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Members Absent


Key Documents

[In WG's Google Drive]


Statement of Principles
The group reviewed and substantially revised the definition of unique collections. Next step is to take our discussion and to write prose definition, and start working on adapting ARL framework. Who does this: Isaac and Maija.

Working Group Appointments
EAD Database WG: The Team reviewed the revised timeline for the working group and considered nominations for the group.
Appointed: Donna McCrea, Emily Dominick, Kate Thornhill

The group will begin its work in January.

OER WG: The Team reviewed the numerious nominations for the group. 

Appointed: Jenny Oleen, Jen Klaudinyi, Tina Hovecamp, Kim Read

DPLA Application Plaan
Outcomes of Oct 5-6 BOD meeting and next steps
Shared via email: The Board received our plan well and are advancing our proposal unchanged to the November Council meeting. Pending a decision there, we”ll have leave to proceed with the application.

Jodi is continuing to work with DPLA staff to get the current data sharing agreement and other details that we need to be aware of.

Working Group Updates
Digital Collections WG (Janet):
Shared via email: The DCWG met for the first time two weeks ago, and will meet again this coming Thursday. Anneliese Dehner, our project metadata applications librarian, gave an informative presentation of her findings regarding metadata used across Alliance institutions when describing our digital material. She will work to assist us in standardizing our metadata for harvesting purposes, with the goal of the Alliance eventually hosting a DPLA hub. Our timeline is very much controlled by our LSTA grant that ends June 30, 2017, so the first half of the grant period will be spent on metadata standardization, with the second half spent on user interface and experience.

Digital Preservation WG (Devin): 
Shared via email: We had our first meeting last week. We are divvying up our work this year. This fall, we plan to focus on creating an online resource outlining steps for and pointing to resources in service of improving digital preservation practices at member libraries. During the spring semester, we plan on figuring out how/where/by what means to deliver some education regarding digital preservation workflows, with a particular focus on file fixity. We will also be conducting a preliminary investigation into costs and work associated with setting up some sort of Alliance-wide digital archive.
Shared via email: We met for the first time last week and discussed communication strategies with the existing Alliance team and working group infrastructure, a proposed timeline for our activities, and began gathering documentation and information about known issues. We are gathering information in October and November, with the goal of proposing solutions in December/January. If any of you have examples of metadata, discovery, display and/or other issues with unique physical collections in the SILS, please don”t hesitate to let us know so we can add them to our list.

Minutes taken by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager.