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Statement of Principles
Digital Collections Plan
UCSILS Working Group
ArchivesSpace Implementation
Working Group Updates

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Rose Krause, Talea Anderson, Mark Dahl, Anneliese Dehner (guest), Anne Jenner, Devin Becker, Janet Hauck, Beth Joffrion

Members Absent

Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Maija Anderson

Key Documents

In team's Google Drive space


Statement of Principles
The team reviewed the work of Isaac and Maija on the latest draft and concurred document is in pretty good shape and ready for fresh eyes.

Next step: Share out with CCD reps and hold open calls in January, after digital collections proposal and reaction are done and settled. Team members attend open calls, as available.

Open call questions/guides:

  • Include narrative/context introducing purpose and future use of the document

  • Potential uses: starting point for what unique collections are and why important; why to invest in these areas; Alliance language reinforces local policy language

  • Areas to make more succinct?

Digital Content Matters (Janet and Anneliese)

The group reviewed Jodi's notes from the Digital Library Federation before the meeting.

Overview of plans for remediation and cleanup released Nov 14.

Some light changes to Dublin Core Best Practices

Collection-level and item-level data cleanup options

Devin commented that ContentDM may be tricky: testing OCLC Catcher functionality

From Jodi: Scope of initiative is wider than DPLA and Primo; project will result in clean metadata to be used currently or in the future

Forums planned for November 17, 18, and 21 to present plans and discuss them.

November 22: feedback survey released; results will need to be back by December 2 in order for the Digital Collections Working Group to review them on December 5. 

Sean Lind is leaving CWU and has resigned from the DCWG. Make plans to replace his position immediately. The WG has suggested that they have sufficient metadata expertise, but could use someone who would be able to focus on the user testing part of this year”s work. The group found a possible candidate; Isaac will follow up with Jodi.

UCSILS Working Group
Impressions from forums and other meetings to identify problems and existing solutions. Completed CCD rep open forums and presentations to Systems, Tech Services, and Norm Rules; left to go: Discovery Open Call (Nov. 17)

Strong interest and enthusiasm from Alliance teams and working groups to digging into issues and finding solutions; strong interest from Systems area for also looking at digital materials (need to make sure we interface with DCWG)

CCD rep forums: not a lot of feedback at forums; hopefully more in survey results; may need to reach out individually to institutions with larger archive and SPC collections (UW, UO, WSU, etc.) to make sure we have feedback from them; important to have wide array of institutions” feedback

Survey currently open until Nov. 15; will be kept open until November 21.

ArchivesSpace Implementation
Update on progress: We have a signed contract with LibraryHost and are getting financial commitments so we can invoice.

We”ll next move on to getting requests for setup from Cohort 1 and finishing up the first training materials they”ll need on implementation choices, and then will move to setting up the instances.

Working Group Updates
OER WG (Talea): Group decided to focus on library consortia’s role in open educational resources, rather than national landscape; Mark commented that there has been discussion at Board level, especially not repeating the work of the previous group in this area; trying to answer question of where overlap would be in services offered; seems to be desire for action in this area on the part of the BoardAfter first meeting, returned to previous group’s survey results; trying to see where gaps are

DP WG (Devin): Working on step-by-step document

Minutes taken by Rose Krause, CCD Team member, Eastern Washington University.