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Aggregate Alliance Digital Collections Update
EAD DB WG/Technical group
Working Group Updates
Team Appointments
Summer Meeting
Other News

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Trevor Bond (until 9:30), Devin Becker, Rose Krause, Maija Anderson, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Ann Lally, Karen Bjork, Mark Dahl (after 9:25)

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Key Documents



Aggregate Digital Collections initiative
Jodi will update the Team on the short-term group to advise on planning this initiative, and what’s lined up for the rest of the year: Ann Lally, Kyle Banerjee, and Julia Simic have agreed to participate; looking for a fourth who is at a WA institution likely to apply for the WSA grants Trevor suggests sampling that specifically includes collections with relatively old and relatively new metadata

If we have news on the LSTA grant application, we will share: No news at present

EAD Database/Technical Group
Rose will report on survey results from the participant survey:Good response rate: 25 of 39 institutions respondedAsked questions about some specific tools (web encoding template--more use than we thought, digital collections links--not much use); reporting; stylesheet issues (not a lot of feedback); mobile display; and success of AW redesign.Potential changes; Move reporting to quarterly and rework some aspects (keywords, reporting by institutions); items for user testing; need for focused work on digital collections links and accessibility.

Jodi will report on survey results from the end user surveyVery poor response rate. 10 end users who fit the user profiles.In general the end users find our redesign successful in terms of search precision, navigation, faceting, repository identity, and digital object display. The feedback was very uniform, so the group recommended against follow-up testing at this time.The group will recommend 1-2 items that we should consider including in specific testing next round

Recommendations for next steps:
EAD DB group will fully report out/recommend next CCD meeting
Difficult job to reconcile the feedback from archivists/librarians with that of end users when the recruiting of end users yielded so few respondents
May need to think about how to increase participation in end user recruiting, provide some more tools, make the sessions more inclusive (invitations to observe)

Working Groups
Brief updates from:Archival Collection Management WG (Jodi for Eva): Steaming along on implementation plan, contacting institutions individually, on track to finish up end of June. Potential for continuity and new people for WG in FY17

Digital Preservation WG (Devin): Survey is out with 18 respondentsJodi will do a targeted reminder today to those who haven’t responded. Applying for lightning round

Data Sets Group (Maija): Finishing report, will come to CCD next weekLikely: Alliance role is convenor/coordinator of activities already happening; not recommending that the Alliance take on technical role for data management. Also submitting a lightning round

OER Group (Karen): Finalizing survey, will go out Friday as DP survey closesWill report out to CCD and Reps at summer meetingWill do summer meeting breakout session with OER professional development award and group that submitted TRLN forum applicationKaren will also present during PD group’s OER webinar series (probably October)Interesting note: OERs came up a lot during the data sets calls

Share collections group (Trevor): Group met a second time, discussed a range of issues, worked with OCLC report “Tears for Fears” on sharing collections. Trevor will be drafting a hot topics/lightning round proposal for summer meeting.

Jodi gave an overview of the workplan for WGs and groups for the remainder of the year, leading up to summer meeting 

Jodi reminded the group that we did not recommend specific FY17 goals around exploration, but left that open pending the findings of these groups. Giving attention to and wrapping together findings for useful next steps is important to recognize and value the work of the groups.

Team Appointments
We have a good set of nominations for CCD Team members and chair-elect. Jodi has confirmed with those who were nominated by others; some prefer to focus on the WG level and withdrew from consideration. The BOD usually completes appointments sometime in June so that we have Teams in place for the new year.

Summer Meeting
Reminder of schedule and when Team members need to be there:
Wednesday, July 13:Plenary and breakouts 9 AM to 3:45 PM
Team dinner 5:30, Country Cat
Thursday, July 14: CCD Team and Representatives 9-11 AMCCD Team (new members only; those rotating off are excused) 11-noon
Noon on: Program Manager and Chair to Council/P&C lunch and meeting

Other News
NW IR Users group having their meeting on Tuesday, July 12, at PSU. Registration is free; full information available at http://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/nwirug/. Jodi will make sure to cross-promote this event. Forum will include those from outside the NW; registration is limited to 55 people, so register now. Not specific to BePress; any platform.