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Assessment Plan

AADC implementation plan

Reflection on A&M Meeting

Working Groups

Summer Meeting

Team Nominations

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Devin Becker, Maija Anderson, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Ann Lally, Mark Dahl, Rose Krause

Members Absent

Karen Bjork, Trevor Bond

Key Documents



Assessment Plan

Review of high-level items for CCD created by Trevor, Isaac, Lynn (A-team liaison)

AADC implementation plan

Jodi is working on all the details of AADC implementation plan for the remainder of this FY and beginning of next year.

Reflection on A&M Meeting

The meeting went really well and is clearly valuable as either a half-day or full day dependent on agenda. A clear desire to continue having the meeting: information sharing, community, etc.

Be sure to include non-alliance members in a panel next year

Panel on unique materials in infrastructure was very successful in getting individuals to understand problems unique to their institutions vs. those common to many or all

Interesting comments on team structure, inter-departmental communications at institutions

Usability issues in AW and Alma/Primo

Rose will contact Donna to get a copy of her report on AW

Maija will provide info on what they find out at OHSU

Accessibility and usability ultimately are organization-wide issues, goals built around this for FY17

Recommend that we continue to have this event annually in conjunction with Northwest Archivists.

Working Groups

Updates on work, timeline for remainder of FY.

  • ACM WG: [implementation plan]

  • EAD WG: tech group, UT group

  • DP WG: Finished draft of survey to get an environmental scan of DP practices across Alliance. Will be moderately long for those who are doing DP, almost nothing for thost not active. Looking for lightning talk opportunity at summer meeting.

  • Exploration:

    • Data sets: Met yesterday to recap two open calls. Really well attended, a lot of great feedback and comments. Drafted an outline for report, will be working on next couple of weeks. Call participants were looking at this less as technical issue but as an outreach or advocacy issue. Looking for lightning talk opportunity at summer meeting.

    • OERs: [karen’s group, others]

    • Share collections: Second meeting tomorrow, following up on readings from first meeting, pulling together what has been considered, what we should consider for the future. Looking for lightning talk opportunity at summer meeting, plan to follow up depending on reaction.

Summer Meeting

Review of schedule for Team members

Review of breakouts and thoughts on who will present

Team Nominations

Reminder that Team nominations are open; Team members encouraged to submit nominations, or encourage colleagues to self-nominate