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AADC Proposal

A&M Annual Meeting

EAD Database WG/EAD3 Group Recommendation

Digital Content Metadata Standards

Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium

Members Present

Ann Lally, Devin Becker, Isaac Gilman, Trevor Bond, Maija Anderson, Rose Krause, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Karen Bjork

Members Absent

Mark Dahl

Key Documents

See minutes


AADC Proposal

Overview of preparation for Council meeting

Please review proposal at https://www.orbiscascade.org/file_viewer.php?id=3545


  • Anticipated questions are about all-in funding model, Primo issues

  • Primo: Only advantageous to have the metadata harvested centrally in order to understand and work with in order to maximize use of Primo

A&M Annual Meeting

The group reviewed and approved the proposed agenda.

High-level review; Team asked Trevor/Rose/Jodi to finish out and get out to participants. Be sure that non-Alliance members remain engaged.

EAD Database WG/EAD3 Group Recommendation

The team reviewed the group's final report. 

CCD Team accepted the EAD3 group”s recommendation. We will post this report publicly including the gloriously detailed spreadsheet on the EAD Database WG's page.

We should communicate with other consortia and look for future movement, and monitor relevant groups at SAA.

Digital Content Metadata Standards

The group reviewed the final draft of standards.

Next steps:

DC metadata standards group recommends that the DC JWG take the standards back out to CCD representatives for review and level of support (five-point scale, not up/down; not asking for detailed feedback), and also take to other teams for any final feedback.

DC JWG will carry this out and come back to CCD only if needed

The standards will get some cosmetic changes to be consonant with the Collaborative Workforce Team”s templates/ approaches and become part of the documentation center once appproved.

Review policy/best practices flowchart: https://www.orbiscascade.org/policy-development-workflow

Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium

Looking for more registrants; send information out.