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ACM WG Charge

AADC Consideration

Primo Concerns

LSTA Proposal

FY17 Goals

Members Present

Trevor Bond, Ann Lally, Isaac Gilman, Devin Becker, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Karen Bjork, Rose Krause

Members Absent

Maija Anderson, Mark Dahl

Key Documents

See below


ACM WG Charge

With the FY17 budget approved, we need to get the ACM WG working again!

Term: Now through the end of FY16 (anticipate charging another group in FY17 to carry on work)

Charge: In preparation for the FY17-18 implementation of ArchivesSpace as successor to Archivist’s Toolkit, the ACMWG should prepare the following:

  • Using existing documentation from the pilot, and in consultation with A&M participating institutions as needed, prepare an implementation plan for FY17-18

  • Using the materials prepared during the pilot, complete an outline of documentation and training needed for implementation. Work with CCD Program Manager to plan how that documentation and training will be produced and delivered.


  • Eva Guggemos (Pacific University) is happy to lead again and has started local documentation.

  • We need 2-3 others who have an interest in AS implementation but also have the skills to plan a program-wide implementation. Consider people to ask to be group members: Eva suggests Tony Kurtz (WWU), others? Consider Mark Carlson, Nathan Georgitis, Doug Lambeth, Emily Dominick.

Jodi and Eva will work on recruiting.

AADC Consideration


High-level review of questions in Council meeting:

  • Getting user-focused assessment measures (second year, beyond quantitative)

  • Primo concerns: see next item

Metadata standards: Out for review, feedback is very positive to date.

Preliminary plan for putting other pieces in place

  • Hiring programmer--infrastructure extension

  • LSTA application--gets us the MAP 0.5 FTE 1 year or different FTE for less than a year

  • To start discussion at April 13 meeting: Getting a concept of how we proceed: Planning this spring, implementation planning and understanding what happens in early part of next year.

Primo concerns

Unique collections in the SILS: Please review the following:

Discussion: One of the issues is the extent to which local notes display in shared Primo vs. being restricted to local display.

  • The way in which local notes display right now is confusing: Local notes that apply only to a single copy (may be) displaying on other copies at other institutions.

There is a request to consider a group devoted to unique collections in the SILS. What kind of group could be most effective?

  • Need to be well connected with Discovery & Delivery, Systems, Collaborative Workforce

  • Very few people with right combination of skills/knowledge

  • Suggestion: short-term task force integrated with CCD and Norm Rules WG, get a basic handle on the issues, practices that work well, identify issues that can be dealt with organization-wide, possibly develop organization-wide concept of how unique collections could behave (something similar to CD statement of principles--likely the strategic piece that CCD needs to do in FY17). Need to includes ASC folks, technical services. Really important to state what SHOULD happen rather than reacting to what system limitations are.

    • Integrate into FY17 goal around unique collections in the SILS

    • Make use of summer meeting time for this topic.

  • Putting this off not a good option, but need to deal with in a way that is integrated into the organization.

LSTA Proposal

Highlights: review draft proposal and questions sent to OSL 

FY17 Goals

We did not receive this; goals will be reworked by Trevor/Isaac/Jodi and reviewed by Team; have to be sent to BOD April 1 because of time constraints around April 12 BOD meeting.