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Board Meeting and AADC Proposal

LSTA proposal plan FY17 goals

A&M Annual Meeting

Working Group Updates

Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium

Triangle Institute on Scholarly Communications

Members Present

Trevor Bond, Devin Becker, Isaac Gilman, Karen Bjork, Majia Anderson, Mark Dahl, Rose Krause, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Ann Lally

Members Absent


Key Documents

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Board Meeting and AADC Proposal

Good discussion with the Board on February 10. The board asked for a considerably revised single proposal (no minimal, optimal) to include in the FY17 budget. It’s now called Aggregate Alliance Digital Content; DPLA is a possible outcome but not a promise since it depends on both the LSTA grant and acceptance from DPLA.

Framework is building a community of practice, realizing the strategic agenda, next stage of work on a goal that has a level of organizational support.

Proposal goes to Council today for the budget call next week.

LSTA proposal plan

Share pre-proposal with team; it is due today.

Outcomes of Council meeting a major determinant on the grant proposal

Looking for one other person to plan on grant writing in late March with Trevor and Jodi: Ann volunteered, Maija also willing to help (gone a lot in April).

FY17 goals

The Board meeting included an extensive discussion of FY17 goals across all Teams.

Next steps with team goals: wrapping up goals by April BOD meeting

Assessment Plan: The assessment team did an exercise with team chairs and program managers around developing an assessment plan for the Alliance. Trevor and Jodi will continue to be the main drivers on this for CCD but will bring the medium-term results back to the team when feasible.

A&M Annual Meeting

April 27 in Seattle, noon-4:30

Discuss agenda/purpose. What is our best use of our half-day that is interactive and dynamic, and also ensures good knowledge of needed information? Attending: Trevor, Jodi, Ann, Rose (maybe). May pull in others (Al, Erin P-S, etc.)

Discussion items:

  • How AW interacts with Alma/Primo, DPLA, etc. Frame in terms of relationship(s) now and where this may go in the future; address some confusion and lack of clarity. Panel discussion that pulls in our EAD DB WG, digital content metadata standards, digital preservation, archival description in DPLA

  • Feedback from members on the state of Archives West (e.g. recommendations from EAD DB WG)

  • Documentation update (Alliance documentation center)

  • AS implementation: What’s the most productive thing to discuss? Interest in hearing about LibraryHost and what kind of organization they are. (invite Caitlin to meeting, even remotely?) Also ask Eva what would be a good use of time.

Program committee: Trevor, Jodi, Rose

The group will work on the agenda and bring back to CCD for March 9 meeting.

Working Group Updates

ACM: Eva is ready to pick up with this group again to prepare for AS implementation

EAD Database (Rose): EAD3 group is wrapping up recommendations and will have a report for March 9 meeting; Tech support has a plan and is continuing work on some things; UT group has met and has an initial plan that will be implemented this spring.

Digital Preservation (Devin): Second meeting tomorrow. Group has reviewed digital services team reports and will be determining next direction.

Exploration (Trevor): Sharing collections will meet soon, OER group meets today, data group met yesterday.

Shared metadata standards (Ann): Last meeting coming, should wrap up and bring a final version to CCD for March 9. The group will get a proper web page and will need to think about an approval process: at the team level, whether it also goes to P&C, etc.

Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium

Those interested should register soon as space is tight. A great deal of contribution from this program, a broad cross-section of presenters.

Triangle Institute on Scholarly Communications

Mark has taken this on and has recruited a group of scholarly communications folks from around the Alliance. Looking at bigger pieces of scholarly communication. Having an initial call and looking at whether an application is feasible. Short timetable. If this comes together, ensure that a note on what is happening goes in CCD update and/or Alliance news. Many thanks to Mark for taking this on!