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Aggregate Alliance Digital Content/DPLA Feedback

FY17 Goals

A&M Annual Meeting

Working Group Updates

Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium

Scholarly Communication Institute (Mark and Isaac)

Members Present

Trevor Bond, Karen Bjork, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Ann Lally, Devin Becker, Rose Krause, Lynn Deeken, Isaac Gilman

Members Absent

Maija Anderson, Mark Dahl

Key Documents

See minutes


Aggregate Alliance Digital Content/DPLA Feedback

Review feedback from Representatives:

  • 28 responses, 19 either very supportive or supportive.

  • Didn”t hear from 9 institutions

  • Got a reasonable cross-section

  • Concerns:

    • Primo functionality a big concern

    • Costs naturally a concern

    • Institutions that don”t have digital collections most concerned about costs

    • Institution-side capacity for doing the work; how to characterize this per institution

    • ED transition and desire to not take on more projects despite BOD”s clear direction that we are not freezing projects during transition

    • Interesting: Internet Archive rather than DPLA? IA is not free by any means; more about archiving web pages. UW uploads a lot of video to them. IA is not user friendly/searchable; not a destination for teaching and research. No indication of long-range model for sustaining it.

    • Eliminating the need for Primo pipes? Better stated as reduce

Go over proposal/presentation to BOD

  • Add a specific slide addressing the relationship between this and A&M, clarifying that this is a new service under CCD that all Alliance members participate in

  • Background item: cost model options

  • Any pictures? Trevor asks that we send some things

FY17 Goals

Review goals that went to BOD

Overview of cross-team goals

Review of contributions to assessment plan

A&M Annual Meeting

Setting date according to workshop preferences (April 27 or 28)

Discuss agenda/purpose.

Put off to next meeting; Jodi will send a thought prompt email

Working Group Updates

Put off to next meeting.

Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium

Put off to next meeting.

Scholarly Communication Institute (Mark and Isaac)

Institute can be a space where a group of people gathers to explore new ideas. We don”t have a clear vision for scholarly communication at the Alliance; this provides a space for working on this vision. Having a group sponsored by the Alliance is a potential opportunity area.

Mark is gathering a group from the Alliance to discuss this opportunity; discussed with Isaac. Putting together in fairly short order.

Where does this belong in CCD structure? Exploration? Who should be nominated or chosen, and how would that work? Likely asking Shared Content to nominate someone. Likely integrate as a group under Exploration to jump on this idea, while balancing the need to work in registration with our identified goals.

Need to include someone from community college sector, since they are making progress on this in OERs.