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Warner Pacific College


Transition meeting: Orient new Team members, understand goals, review and modify WG assignments, consider chairing
FY17 Working Groups and Charges
Digital Preservation/ExploratIon: Possible Directions
Team Member Orientation

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Maija Anderson, Janet Hauck, Anne Jenner, Mark Dahl, Devin Becker, Rose Krause

Members Absent

Elizabeth Joffrion, Talea Anderson

Key Documents

FY17 Working Groups


FY17 Working Groups and Charges
The Team approved the charge for the Archival Collection Management Group

The group modified the draft charge for the Digital Content Working Group to include an earlier start to the Primo work, and to include the Archives West integration work.

The Team decided to charge a Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group Working Group to focus on physical collections (that is, not digital) collections in the SILS, identify problems (and focus on whether it's a metadata, systems, local, or consortial problem), escalate and communicate with the Normalization Rules Working Group through the new liaison relationship. This group will work primarily in the first half of the year.

Digital Content COE: Keeping separate as per COE structure.

EAD Database: Approved charge

Digital Preservation Working Group:We are inclined to continue and have WG members willing to do so. Workflows, support, and dark archive are possible investment areas that could be explored. Potential for collaboration with NWACC.

ExploratIon: Possible Directions

For effective conversation with BOD, narrow down areas of focus. Dropping things is not because they are not important; just a practical consideration. Biggest question is what the Alliance role is: what is the benefit? What are the best approaches to keep initiatives alive while acknowledging that they are important.

OERs: Clearly a lot of interest; some emerging themes from the breakout session.

Sharing collections: A big spectrum from where it is now (informal) to some greater level of formality. Those who already do it could move to the next level of formality (pilot). Courier infrastructure is one piece; not required to make this happen though. It may be that we need to let a small group emerge.

Isaac and Jodi will work on a matrix of decisions for these areas for the July 21 meeting so that we can have a productive discussion. 

Team Member Orientation
The team member orientation was postponed until more of the new members could be present.