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Members Present

Trevor Bond (chair), Isaac Gilman, Devin Becker, Rose Krause, Maija Anderson, Ann Lally, Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Members Absent

Mark Dahl, Karen Bjork

Key Documents

Charge for Digital Content Joint Working Group
Policy Development Workflow


Charge for Digital Content Joint WG

Charge was approved by the P&C Team last Thursday

Today’s work is to flesh out the tasks, outcomes, and sequencing.

Appealing to sequence first and second priorities

Reserved DLPA work specifically for CCD Team; vision for digital collections as a whole also remains at the CCD Team level; DC JWG should also advise on directions and on how to communicate effectively across many institutions.

Discussion of role of Digital Content Metadata Standards Group, which starts this week.

First-priority goal is quite immediate: All related to DPLA proposal going to Council in November.

Second-priority goal mostly starting January, with one exception below.

Isaac would like to consolidate information-gathering for both goals so that we’re not asking for information twice.

Jodi will be soliciting nominations through other program managers and Team chairs; CCD Team members can also suggest. Trevor will twist arms as needed. She will bring nominations back to CCD to make appointments.

Jodi, Isaac, and Rose will start to put together draft of how to proceed with feedback/communications as appointments proceed.

Appointment to Primo Enhancement Joint WG

Request from Systems: Consistent with the Systems Team charge to coordinate Alliance participation in the ExL product enhancement processes, the team is forming a short-term working group to support voting for the 2015 Primo software ballot. Al Cornish will be chairing this working group.

Rose Krause will represent CCD. She will debrief the team once the WG is done.

Draft Policy Development Workflow

Noted comments in shared comments document (making clear the distinction between policies and practices, viability of policy progress). Additional comments welcome by email.

Next meeting: DPLA background

CCD Team members will receive background documents today to prepare for September 14 meeting.

Regrant funds from DPLA will not be available to us (they are restricted to communities with Knight newspapers). LSTA continues to be more promising. We may need to investigate other sources.

UW’s work with DPLA: DPLA redid their ingest system almost a year ago; they are stalled for now, and only a small portion of UW's content is visible in DPLA. Next step will be reviewing the metadata enhancements.

University of Idaho is in DPLA through Mountain West Digital Library until the end of 2015 but will withdraw from MWDL then.

Minutes compiled by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager