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Board meeting redux and next steps

Collaborative Workforce Representative appointment to Digital Content JWG

Archival Collection Management WG Update

EAD Database WG Update

Digital Content JWG Update

Overview of COE for digital formats in Alma

Members Present

Trevor Bond, Mark Dahl, Ann Lally, Devin Becker, Karen Bjork, Maija Anderson, Rose Krause, Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Members Absent

Isaac Gilman

Key Documents



Board meeting redux and next steps

The presentation was very well received, particularly the institutional implications (benefits, potential costs of metadata cleanup). We have the green light from the Board; now on to Council for November meeting; only Council can make the final decision on whether we can proceed to investigate grants and funding models.

Trevor: It will ultimately come down to budget. Jodi”s work on presentation was great; Rose”s quote from Larry Cebula was a great help. Consultation with Michael Paulus was essential. The work that all CCD Team members did to characterize metadata cleanup was wonderful.

Next steps: Mild revision to report, refresh presentation, take to Council November 12-13. If we receive approval to proceed, budget model work begins in earnest. Will also be tied into AS pilot and budget impacts of that.

Metadata pipeline: Jodi will investigate needed revisions in November.

UW and DPLA: DPLA re-architected their harvest/ingest system about a year ago; some things are moving very slowly, currently seeking assistance to make that system work better. UW”s thumbnails are not appearing; they have a question into them. 

Consider an in-person meeting in January to work on budget models. Team members should consider the advantages and impacts to work.

Collaborative Workforce Representative appointment to Digital Content JWG

No nomination yet; if there is a candidate in the next week Jodi will seek approval via email. If there is no one by then we will operate without one.

Archival Collection Management WG Update

The group is working productively. CCD will see a report for the December 1 meeting, and chair Eva Guggemos will join us for that meeting. We”ll then wind the outcomes of the pilot into our budget/cost model work for FY17.

EAD Database WG Update

All members appointed; will have initial meeting and begin work this week.

Digital Content JWG Update

Status of metadata best practices: Drafted and ready for review. Will go out to CCD Representatives and other Teams.

Survey: Drafted, will go out to CCD Representatives.

Overview of COE for digital formats in Alma

Jodi presented an overview of the Center of Excellence project to develop the capability to manage digital formats in Alma. 

Questions and comments:

  • Mix of management and access may be beneficial.
  • What of linked data work in Alma and Primo?
  • Essential functionality of Alma: ‘net’ to show what”s captured vs system for pushing things out
  • IRs and publishing function (reviews, etc.), closed and open content.
  • Duplication concerns (faculty collaboration).

Next meeting: November 3

Team members should think about in-person in January for budget modeling work.

Minutes compiled by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager