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Council redux

DPLA next steps

Update from DC JWG/metadata standards/DAMs and IRs/dc in SILS

Update from ACM WG (Jodi for Eva)

Looking forward to 2016: Exploration WG, Digital Preservation WG (Trevor)

Collaborative Workforce Inventory (Trevor)

Summer Meeting (Jodi)

Members Present

Ann Lally, Karen Bjork, Maija Anderson, Mark Dahl, Rose Krause, Isaac Gilman, Trevor Bond

Members Absent

Devin Becker

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Council redux (Mark, Jodi)

We got the ‘yellow light’ to proceed with budget, cost distribution options, and external funding opportunities for FY17. Unanimous vote.

Sense that Council believes there is a clear value for the organization, which is a real shift from July. Clarity that this is approval to develop a plan; approval to proceed is connected with budget authority in March 2016. Some usual questions about how this relates to Archives West; how it relates to Primo; service vs content hubs; service to non-members now/later. Mark made it clear that we”ll look at membership fees closely to avoid a WEST scenario; opt-in and all-in need to both be presented. Metadata cleanup not being a big deal was clear. No real advantage of Council or BOD giving us an upper dollar limit; we will consult with the Shared Content program on how they construct ranges for decision making. DPLA”s fees that are announced in January are to our advantage; Council is pleased that they are moving off of pure grant funding.

DPLA Next Steps (Trevor, Jodi)

Preps for January meeting (all day, Portland, January 14)

This meeting will also include consideration of budget implications of archival collection management program offering

Update from DC JWG/metadata standards/DAMs and IRs/dc in SILS (Isaac)

Completed webinars on the draft digital content metadata standards on November 13 and 16; well attended with about 15-18 at each. Good questions and discussion at both; some too specific for the JWG and will have to refer back to metadata group. One question was when attendees would hear back about feedback; this will be early December, after we get formal feedback through survey that is due November 24 from CCD Representatives and other Teams.

Survey feedback on DAMs and IRs and unique content in SILS: We heard from 34 out of 37 institutions, got a good inventory of digital objects (about a million), numbers of DAMs and IRs and what type. A little less about unique materials in the SILS, but needs further analysis.

Update from ACM WG (Jodi for Eva)

This will be a full agenda item for December 1, but as a preview: The ACM WG will be recommending that we proceed with an ArchivesSpace implementation in FY17. They will present a full report to CCD and all the A&M participating institutions by November 24.

ACM WG will host webinars the week of December 7 to talk about the pilot results. The RFP for hosting has reponses due November 20; Jodi will be working on the financials to present options. Most of the financial work will happen in January in concert with the DPLA work.

Questions about directions in archival collection management.

Looking forward to 2016: Exploration WG, Digital Preservation WG (Trevor)

We will need to form these working groups in early 2016. Exploration WG focuses on OERs, physical collection sharing, and data sets. Digital preservation to focus on hands-on preservation solutions for institutions. Important to think about the digital preservation training we provide; Digital Power was in Portland last year, so need to make sure that what we deliver is distinct and focused (Max at OHSU has materials that document what was delivered, as does Karen). OSU got Alliance PD award for electronic records management. Customized approaches to an institution”s problems are most likely direction; very powerful results. Would be good to have traveling person do some assessment and identify synergies, where institutions could work together.

Trevor and Jodi will draft charges and send out to CCD for review and development; firm up timetable.

Collaborative Workforce Inventory (Trevor)

This is a project to document all the work that happens in the Alliance; all Teams, WGs, and task forces (and JWGs) will fill it out. Trevor and Jodi will work on this, asking chairs of WGs and JWG to assist. We will review this as a Team. Agenda item for CCD”s 2nd December meeting.

Summer Meeting (Jodi)

Reminder on survey sent out; please fill out as individuals so that we can get good spaces on the Summer meeting program.

Minutes compiled by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager