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ArchivesSpace Implementation Discussion


Digital Content JWG Report, Recommendations and Next Steps

EAD Database WG Update

Charges for New WGs: Exploration, Digital Preservation

FY17 Goals

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Mark Dahl, Devin Becker, Karen Bjork, Maija Anderson, Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Members Absent

Trevor Bond, Ann Lally


ArchivesSpace Implementation Discussion

The Team reviewed detailed financials of four scenarios, a narrative related to those scenarios, an update on the Registered Service Provider relationship with ArchivesSpace, and a spreadsheet of all Alliance members and A&M participants to understand how many institutions would be finding additional money to support a DPLA hub.

Conclusions: CCD Team feels that implementing AS in accordance with the ACM WG”s recommendation, that choosing Option C (distribute fixed costs evenly across all A&M participants, offer opt-in hosting with less expensive of two vendors but offer the more expensive vendor as an option for institutions that want that) is most viable, and that pursuing this at the same time we do higher costs for DPLA seems workable.

Next step is to proceed with communications January 4-11 with all A&M participants in order to bring feedback to the January 15 meeting. CCD Representatives should receive a roadmap in parallel. 


The team reviewed the workplan for the CCD Team, which called for Jodi to build the DPLA scenarios over break in order to get feedback from CCD Representatives Jan 4-11.

Conclusion: Provide CCD Representatives with roadmap for communications and decision making (provide in Dec 18 update, Jan 1 update). Hold off on communication with CCD Representatives until after Jan 14 in-person, when we have a chance to check with BOD and our figures are more reliable. Do A&M communication with clarity that for institutions with DPLA potential, there”s more to come.

Digital Content JWG Report, Recommendations and Next Steps

Report out on survey findings and metadata feedback

This group needs additional direction from CCD on what steps it should take next


  • Shepherd DC metadata standards through revision

  • Use FY17 goals process to advance goals of Primo pipes and MARC analogs for Archives West

  • COE work is proceeding well with material we have;

  • Higher-level conversations about Alliance role in preserving and exposing unique collections: CCD needs to offer DC JWG more direction, examples, vision around this issue. JWG giving feedback on options, aspects of implementing that vision. This should be a major feature of the Jan 14 meeting; we need an opportunity to have this discussion in addition to our more project-focused work.

EAD Database WG Update

Split into three groups: EAD3 group has completed a preliminary map of our EAD BPG to EAD3; Archives West tech support group has created draft overall technical support plan and project document for FY16 and 17, which CCD will see on Jan 14; usability testing group has not started their work yet, and their work may be delayed until Feb-Mar.

Charges for New WGs: Exploration, Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation WG: Reviewed WG charge; may be difficult to fit in joint review of Hathi Trust and other services with Shared Content, but important to make progress. Added more information on scope of project to charge.

Chair: Devin Becker

Exploration WG: Consider draft charge

Chair: Trevor Bond

Sub-group chairs: Karen (OERs), Maija (Data sets), Trevor (Sharing collections)

Jodi will proceed with recruitment for WG members. Make appointments Jan 14 or Jan 27.

FY17 Goals

Goals development process for FY17

Role in Jan 14 meeting

Feb 11 meeting with BOD

Jodi encouraged Team members to regularly review the workplan document for CCD (in the highest-level CCD folder). This tracks initiatives by meeting through time and will make clear the sequence of every project. It”s kept up to date at all times.

Minutes compiled by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager