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FY17 Goals (Jodi)

Assessment Plan (Lynn)

DC Metadata Standards (Isaac) LSTA Grant Proposal

A&M Meeting Agenda

Update on Data Set open calls (Maija)

Updates on DP WG and OER group

Team Appointments

Virtual bookplate

Members Present

Trevor Bond, Ann Lally, Isaac Gilman, Lynn Deeken (Assessment Team), Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Mark Dahl

Members Absent

Maija Anderson, Rose Krause, Karen Bjork

Key Documents



FY17 Goals (Jodi)

Done and approved

Assessment Plan (Lynn)

Higher-level measures to go to BOD in draft assessment plan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ileHZXyf_7AnejUxeIghUvtQfP4a4Ie5lyL42N6m5L8/edit#gid=0

Technical problems interfered with discussion, so proceed as follows:

  • Jodi will take a stab at assessment plan pieces and measures April 28;

  • Isaac and Lynn will work with those on April 29;

  • Assessment Team looks at May 2;

  • What results comes back to CCD Team May 3;

  • CCD Team reviews/reacts by May 6 and final back to A-team

DC Metadata Standards (Isaac)

Recommendations of Digital Content JWG:

  • Adopt DC metadata standards and post to documentation center

  • Also post to documentation center an FAQ about how we are proceeding

  • Disband the current DC JWG

  • Form a short-term WG this spring to plan the AADC implementation. This should be composed of individuals who understand metadata, infrastructure, and DPLA to plan the details

  • Plan to form a new version of the DC JWG in FY17 to support the study of unique materials in the SILS goal

Recommendation accepted by those present based on strength of feedback.

LSTA Grant Proposal. Update. New WA LSTA grant cycle to clean up metadata. (Jodi and Rose)


A&M Meeting Agenda

Update on panel on unique collections in the SILS: who”s on, intent of piloting at A&M meeting and also doing at summer meeting

Update on Data Set open calls (Maija)

We're gathering information about high-level issues in data management through open calls promoted to all members of Alliance libraries. We had our first open call last Thursday morning. We had a very good turnout with representatives from a wide variety of domains (archives, IRs, science liaisons, administrators). Our next call is scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow). After that we'll review our notes and the call recordings, then meet in early May to begin drafting our report.

Updates on DP WG and OER group

Each group provided brief updates.

Team Appointments

Process will begin soon

Virtual bookplate

See email below.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Recently, the Norm Rules Working Group received a request to create a new display field that could be used to create ‘Virtual bookplates’ in the Primo interface. This customization is currently in use at VCU, and can be seen in their Primo catalog by following this link: http://search.library.vcu.edu/primo_library/libweb/action/dlSearch.do?institution=VCU&vid=VCU&search_scope=all_scope&dym=true&query=any,contains,libgift

Full details on how VCU set up this customization are available at: https://github.com/vculibraries/alma-primo-customizations/blob/master/alma-primo-bookplates.md

After a preliminary review, the NRWG has determined that it is possible to set up one new local display field for the purpose of enabling this customization for those Alliance institutions that are interested in pursuing it. Before we do so, we”d like to get a sense of how much interest there is for this customization within the Alliance. To that end, we”d like to pose the following questions to the lists:

1. Would your institution be interested in using the ‘Virtual Bookplates’ customization?

2. Would your institution be willing to use the MARC 599 field for bookplate text, with a $c of ‘virtual bookplate’?

3.If your institution would prefer not to use the MARC 599 with a $c for this, what field do you wish to use, and what consistent metadata could be used to identify your bookplates?

Please share these questions with Tech Services / Public services / Systems stakeholders at your institution to gauge their feelings on this issue. Feel free to share the results of your local discussions on the list to (hopefully) engage more people in the Alliance-wide discussion.

To make sure your feedback is recorded for consideration by the NRWG, please use this form to submit your ‘final answers’ on these questions. While feedback is not mandatory, we”d love to hear from as many institutions as possible!

If you have any questions about this issue, please contact NRWG chair Lesley Lowery at loweryl@wwu.edu.

Thank you,

Normalization Rules Working Group

Minutes compiled by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Program Manager