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9 AM to 4 PM, Conference Room 317, Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College.


Revisions of report to Board of Directors
Governance for CCD Team
Budget for CCD Program
Review of Archive Engine West Working Group Report Appendixes

Members Present

Trevor Bond, Mark Dahl, Friday Valentine, Eva Guggemos, Ann Lally, Evviva Weinraub, Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Members Absent

Karen Bjork

Key Documents

Draft Report to Board of Directors
Final Archive Engine West Working Group Reports:
Alliance Financial Framework
NWDA Program FTE FY10-15


Convened: 9:20 AM

Revisions of report to Board of Directors

Based on feedback from the Board of Directors, the team made the following additions to its list of proposed new program offerings:

  • Data management environmental scan: Link in with interest group in the Northwest (PNW Data Curators).
  • Exploration of physical collection sharing: Connect with existing initiative in Oregon. Connect with existing informal practices in Washington. Consider relationship to existing pilot and what role we can productively play.
  • Exploration of Open Educational Resources (OERs): Exploring the Alliance role: discovery, curation, hosting. Good topic for Alliance annual meeting.

Governance for CCD Team

The team reviewed the materials and results of the NWDA Steering Team meeting and created details on governance including the Working Group structure. See final report to Council for details.

Ensure that we communicate with all NWDA program members and all Alliance members to make changes clear.

Budget for CCD Program

The team reviewed proposed program offerings and detailed staffing needs for each, as follows:

  • FTE at Alliance increased from 0.85 FTE to about 2.0 FTE with a mix of coordination, metadata, and technical/programmer skills, some of which may be drawn from other programs
  • Some consulting costs
  • Some member technology support
  • Considerable member expertise contributed to some program areas that involves release time for relevant experts
  • Largely continuity for hardware and software at Alliance
  • Some increase in meeting expenses
  • Some increase in travel costs

Review of Archive Engine West Working Group Report Appendixes

The team reviewed the final versions of the AEW Working Group reports. The high-level findings will be wrapped into an attachment to the report to Council, and the team will make use of the well-done work in its implementation plans for digital content aggregation.

Communication Plan

  • October 17: Council and all Alliance members and program non-members receive three-page report. Attached: Metadata pipeline diagram, boiled-down version of AEW WG summary report to provide context for what informs our report and acknowledges work of WG.
  • After October 17, after BOD response, but before Council: Engage with Alliance non-members.
  • After Council meeting: Announce results.
  • After Jan 1: Decide when and how to engage details on standards, implementation.

Adjourned: 3:15 PM

Minutes compiled by Jodi Allison-Bunnell, CCD Staff Liaison