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Review Role of Representatives
CCD Team FY16 Goals and Outcomes
Working Group Reports
CCD Team FY17 Goals
Proposed FY17 Working Groups
Communications, Ways to be Involved

Members Present

Isaac Gilman, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Devin Becker, Rose Krause, Janet Hauck, Kate Cleland-Sipfle, Kristen Hoffman, Karen Bjork, Sue Kunda, Elizabeth Nielsen, Eva Guggemos, Mary McRobinson, Annie Gaines, Rachel Thomas, Melissa Salrin, Ann Jenner, Seth Lind, Jane Scott, Maija Anderson, Beth West, Mark Dahl, Fr. Peter Tynan, Sergei K., Randy Stilson, Johanna Meetz, Anne Lally

Key Documents

CCD Team FY16 Goals and Outcomes


Introductions (Isaac)

Review Role of Representatives (Jodi)
Jodi reviewed the role of the Representatives:Representatives speak for an entire member institution. Thus each Representative is expected to gather input from all relevant divisions, branches, autonomous libraries, etc
CCD Team FY16 Goals and Outcomes
Isaac gave an overview of the Team's goals and outcomes for FY16.

Working Group Reports
  • Archival Collection Management (Eva Guggemos, Pacific University): The group very successfully carried out a pilot of ArchivesSpace and created the implementation plan for ArchivesSpace over the next two years.
  • EAD Database (Rose Krause, Eastern Washington University: The group completed a number of projects, including an evaluation of EAD3, gathering input from end users and participating institutions on Archives West, and creating a technical support plan for Archives West.
  • Digital Preservation (Devin Becker, University of Idaho): Got a good sense of the current state of digital preservation practices at the Alliance, what appear to be the greatest needs: support file fixity and data integrity; provide some geographic diversity for content storage; support learning/education; good momentum, group would like to continue.
  • Digital Content JWG (Isaac Gilman, Pacific University) and Digital Content Metadata Standards Group (Ann Lally, University of Washington): This group completed best practices that will support AADC initiative; DC JWG completed survey to get numbers and types of systems and high-level objectives for digital content.
  • Exploration:
    • Data Sets (Maija Anderson, OHSU): Scope was research data management. Most issues are less about technical infrastructure; much more about advocacy and prioritizing the work. Rapidly changing landscape. Group recommends re-assessing in about a year.
    • OERs (Karen Bjork, Portland State University): Defined OERs, but ended up focusing more on textbooks. Very popular topic (well attended breakout session on Wednesday). Suggests that the Alliance continue efforts like the professional development grant, use Primo as access mechanism, recommend creating an OER group to support these efforts, consider joining the Open Textbook Network.
    • Share Collections (Rose Krause): Preliminary exploration, identified questions that would need to be addressed in order to continue investigations. Group strongly recommended that a future initiative include participants beyond the Alliance membership.
CCD Team FY17 Goalsand Proposed FY17 Working Groups
Isaac presented the team's FY17 goals and the working groups that will carry out many of those goals. The unique collections statement of principles and continued work on developing a DPLA hub will be CCD Team projects.


We have to prioritize and choose among the four initiatives that could receive further attention this year. It's not viable to pursue all of these.

Digital preservation workflows are more of a critical need than specific tools; idea for a workshop day for working on workflows.

Sharing unique collections: Enthusiasm for support, timing is right for Courier RFP. Primo issues are important to this initiative since holdings information can be inconsistent; this may be a good driver to get these issues addressed.

OERs: Strong support for continued activity in this area.

Data sets: Working on this has potential to drive re-use of data.

In general, best practices and workflows. Identifying connections between exploration areas and initiatives that are already happening: How can we productively re-use overlap areas? This applies to metadata and infrastructure, statement of principles.

When we”re looking at new areas of work where libraries” role may be tenuous, is having the Alliance take a role helpful or untenable? Having the Alliance”s weight behind it may be helpful to facilitate conversations, having libraries gain some space. Highly related to where faculty see the library”s role (and not).

Self-organization is one possibility to keep topics going without a lot of staff support. Consider two-track structure.

Digital preservation is probably highest priority and ultimately related to OERs and data sets.

The Team will consider these discussions as it solidifies WG charges and interacts with the Board on our highest priorities.