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Orbis Cascade Alliance Board Minutes

May 19, 2016

Board meeting #50 (via GoToMeeting)


Board of Directors

Faye A. Chadwell, Chair

Lynn Baird, Chair-elect

Jane Carlin, Past Chair

Michelle Bagley, Treasurer (FY15 & 16)

Michael Paulus, Secretary (FY16)

Dalia Corkrum, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16) – absent

Mark I. Greenberg, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)

Mark Dahl, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)

Donna Reed, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)

Dana Bostrom, Executive Director


Suzanne Milton (Summer Meeting co-Chair)

Elizabeth Duell (Summer Meeting logistics)

The meeting started at 1:00 p.m.

1. Summer Meeting update (Faye, Mari, Suzanne, Elizabeth)

Suzanne and Elizabeth shared information about the Summer Meeting. Registration information will go out next week. The Board discussed the meeting schedule and recommended that Monday be eliminated and that the plenary session be only one hour. One person from each institution would be able to attend Alma Analytics training.

Suzanne and Elizabeth were excused.

2. Assessment Team (Faye)

The Board discussed the Assessment Team”s prepared Presentation of its Draft Assessment Plan and the need for a clearer vision for assessment. The Board agreed to spend some time at its June meeting to discuss assessment goals and next steps for the team.

3. New Executive Director orientation/on-boarding plan (Faye)

The Board discussed the transition plan and team for the Dana. The Board recommended attending ACRL instead of ALA.

4. Finance Team update (Michelle)

Michelle shared team updates, including: how the team will be constituted going forward; FY15 taxes have been filed; and new policy statements on the Collaborative Workforce model are forthcoming.

5. Plans for June 6-7 Board meeting at Whitman College (Faye, Dalia)

New Board members have been invited to attend the next board meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Submitted by Michael Paulus, Secretary