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October 2, 2017

Archives West Revision Plans

Over the next three months, we'll be making changes to Archives West. Here are the details:

Accessibility Issues

Last year's EAD Database Working Group determined that a number issues needed to be solved in Archives West to increase the site's accessibility before we could proceed with any of the higher-level assessments needed to satisfy institutions under Department of Justice scrutiny. For details, see their report

Today, I'll begin circulating a scope of work for an accessibility consultant; this individual will advise the Alliance on approaches to resolving these accessibility issues. IT Manager Curtis Wyant will make the needed changes to the site, and the consultant will review the changes to ensure that they fulfill our intentions. We expect to complete this work by the end of calendar year 2017.

If you know of individuals who would be well suited to this (compensated) work, please refer them to me

In early 2018, after we move the changes to production, the Unique & Local Content Team will convene the Archives West Assessment Project Group to evaluate how well the changes addressed the issues and to make plans for the next stage of work.

User Experience Issues

Last year's EAD Database Working Group conducted user testing on some known issues and prioritized some changes in Archives West. 

In a project closely tied to the accessibility issues described above. we'll be making the recommended changes over the next three months and moving them to production by the beginning of 2018. The Archives West Assessment Project Group will evaluate these changes as well. 

Creative Commons Licenses

Last year, a small project group explored how we could apply Creative Commons licenses to the metadata in Archives West finding aids and recommended that we move forward with doing so. That recommendation was accepted at the A&M annual meeting in May. 

Later this week, the Unique & Local Content Team will recruit for the (very short-term) Creative Commons Licenses in Archives West Project Group to determine the suite of licenses that should be used. As part of the Archives West changes described above, we'll work with all participating institutions to apply appropriate licenses before the end of calendar year 2017.

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