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January 28, 2017

Seeking Digital Collections "Power Users" for Harvester Testing

The Digital Collections Working Group (DCWG) is seeking "power users" of ContentDM or Digital Commons to test the beta version of the digital collections harvester. 

You're a "power user" if you love Dublin Core metadata in all its glorious detail, would be comfortable looking at harvester output in RDF, and have specific ideas for data normalization that you have expressed to us this winter. We're calling on "power users" to test how well the harvester is normalizing data; other capabilities, like enriching, checking, previewing, and submitting, are under development and not ready for testing. We are only testing ContentDM and Digital Commons at present (plus Oregon Digital's Hydra) since they are are most widely used systems. 

Testing materials and feedback mechanisms will be available Wednesday, February 1, and testing runs through February 24.

If you're a "power user" and would like to test, please contact CCD Program Manager Jodi Allison-Bunnell

There will be another round of testing after the harvester is more fully developed and in preliminary release (March 10) to test other capabilities with a broader set of users. 
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