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June 3, 2016

Alliance News June 2016

From the Chair of the Board & Executive Director

We are excited to welcome summer and nice weather with new staff and new Team goals. We know all of you remain hard at work, and appreciate the work of the many member staff that contributed to the achievements over the past year. The Board is heading to Walla Walla for an in-person meeting ahead of the July Council meeting and board term expirations, and welcome incoming Board members and Dana Bostrom for their first in-person Board meeting.

New IT Manager
We are pleased to announce that Curtis Wyant will join the Alliance as our new Information Technology Manager, starting July 1. 
After completing his MLS (2009, Indiana University), Curtis managed all aspects of library technology (including wired/wireless networking, Linux/Windows servers and workstations, SQL databases, and web-based resources) at the Wilmington Memorial Library in Massachusetts before moving to his current position as Systems Librarian at the Memorial Hall Library in Andover, where he has similar responsibilities in a larger, high-use public library environment.
Curtis' initial priorities will include: Support for the Alliance's IT infrastructure; support for the Content Creation & Dissemination program, including the Archives West technical stack; and learning the Alma and Primo services and taking over some of their support responsibilities. For the latter, prior to this search, some Shared ILS tasks that can be performed centrally were drawn from the Alliance's Collaborative Workforce inventory and added to the IT Manager position description. 
We would especially like to thank Al Cornish for his leadership and hard work during this time period, and for leading the search process. In addition, we appreciate the work of the mighty search committee. Members included: Sara Brownmiller (University of Oregon), Wade Guidry (Puget Sound), Jodi Allison-Bunnell (Alliance), and Ray Henry (Alliance).
The Board is meeting June 6-7 to finalize Team assignments for FY17. We are pleased to announce now the Finance Team members for FY 17: Dena Hatto (Treasurer & Chair), Faye Chadwell (Past Board Chair), Michelle Bagley (1 year term), and Marilyn Moody (2 year term). The Board passed a change to the composition of the Finance team at their May meeting, to slightly adjust the financial advice the team could seek, and add the Business Manager as ex-officio to the Team. 
New Council Members and Mentors
We are pleased to welcome three new members to the July Council meeting. As is our custom, we provide mentors to incoming Council members to help them get to know the Alliance.
  • Maria Wagner will be the Interim Director at Portland Community College, and Natalie Beach from Chemeketa Community College will be her mentor.
  • At Concordia College, Judy Anderson will be Interim Dean, and Mark Dahl from Lewis & Clark College will serve as her mentor.
  • Reginald Nichols, Dean of Academics, at Warner Pacific College will manage the Library during the search process. Nancy Hoover from Marylhurst University will serve as his mentor.  
We look forward to seeing you all the at the Summer Meeting on July 13!

     Faye A. Chadwell, Chair of the Board & Council
     Dana Bostrom, Executive Director

From the Executive Director

I am excited to join the Alliance team, and I’ve been very impressed with all the energy, enthusiasm and hard work I’ve seen over the last weeks. I’m working very closely with the Board and the staff to plan orientation activities and I hope to meet each of you. In the near term, I will be joining each Team and working group on at least one call, and hope to see many of you in person at the Summer Meeting this July. I will also be stopping by member libraries, visiting new parts of the Great Northwest.

I attended the ICOLC meeting in April, and was overwhelmed with the respect the library consortia community has for the Alliance, and how many questions we are asked about how the Alliance “did it”, whatever “it” is. I look forward to working with you to continue the tradition of excellence and leadership.

Summer Meeting

Come one! Come all! The Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer meeting is right around the corner! There will be sessions from each Team covering a wide range of topics across functional areas. Come learn about authority control, course reserves best practices, teaching with Primo, an Ebook program update, how to aggregate digital content, and analytics amongst other topics. There will also be an open roundtable for reference and instruction librarians, and a roundtable on Primo toolkits.

The Summer Meeting is on July 13th from 9am until 4pm. We are also excited about providing a "Summit & Fulfillment Day" as well as "Getting Started with Primo Configuration and Customization" and a "Primo Hackfest" on July 12th.

The meeting is being held again at Warner Pacific College (2219 SE 68th Ave, Portland

Register for these events by June 17!

Don't forget to submit proposals for two lightning talk sessions by June 10:

Documentation is Live!

You can now view Documentation on the Alliance website! The focus of this section of the website will be to support day to day member library staff work across our programs and services. Information in this section will focus on Alliance specific policies, best practices, procedures, workflows, and institutional examples that are not covered elsewhere.

Materials are organized according to functional area to facilitate access. Topics relevant to more than one area may be linked from multiple places.

What’s here now:
On launch you will find some basic information such as policies and procedures that were available from a variety of places including the programs portion of the Alliance website. For an interim period, you can also continue accessing these materials from their current locations.

Upcoming work:
Over the coming months we will be working with various teams and groups to identify missing documentation, review older materials, and migrate materials into our content management system. In the meantime, you will still see some links out to Google documents.

The Collaborative Workforce Team will be leading an effort in FY17 to evaluate our processes as well as the user experience and recommend improvements.

What you can do:

Program & Team Updates


Primo Assessment Joint Working Group
The Primo Assessment Joint Working Group is continuing its work to assess the New Primo UI (formerly known as Primo 5). The JWG keeps its New Primo UI Overview up to date with evaluation information, timelines, and implications for transitioning. 

Each Alliance institution will decide when to transition to the new Primo UI. We hope this clearinghouse will help inform those transition decisions and help to minimize unnecessary duplication of work at the institutional and consortial level.

If you have updated information or know of work that would be beneficial to include in the new Primo UI Overview, please email Michele Burke or communicate with any member of the PAJWG. Our group relies on input and contributions. We are also happy to answer questions, and to provide more granular detail when possible. We would love to hear from you.

The PA JWG will report on its findings at the Alliances Summer Meeting in a breakout scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, at 3 PM.

Collaborative Workforce

CW Team
The CW Team completed the Collaborative Workforce Inventory Report and is presenting the report for consideration and discussion to the Board on Monday, June 6. Stay tuned for more info soon!

The new Documentation portion of the Alliance website has launched! The Team provided feedback on our documentation strategy and a FY17 goal for the team will include an evaluation of our process and the user experience to make recommendations for future improvements.

The New Staff Training Group for Resource Management will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, June 7. The group will develop a training outline as a first step in building out training materials for resource management. The group members are:
  • Lori Robare, Chair, University of Oregon
  • Rami Attebury, University of Idaho
  • Julie Carmen, Central Washington University
  • Leslie Hall, Western Washington University
  • Steve LaFollette, Lewis & Clark College
  • Tom Larsen, Portland State University
  • Karen Stephens, Central Washington University
  • Cassie Schmitt, ex-officio, TSWG Liaison, Orbis Cascade Alliance

Technical Services Working Group
Levels of Briefness/Fullness
In the June Alma release new functionality for 10 Levels of Briefness/Fullness will be released. TSWG will discuss at their meeting on June 7, develop a recommendation for use, and then gather questions and comments from the community. This functionality was developed as a direct result of the Alliance request "Allow for hierarchy of encoding levels rather than binary in overlay calculation" in the Center of Excellence Bibliographic Record Management (including the Network Zone) Initiative. As additional COE updates and more information are available the COE: Network Zone webpage will be updated.

Local Fields
Based on the recommendations of the Local Fields Group, TSWG is developing best practices that will be available for review in the next few weeks.

Recruitment for New TSWG Members!
The Board will be confirming new CW Team Members at their meeting in early June, including the new chair of TSWG. Once those appointments are finalized we will be recruiting for two new members of TSWG to fill upcoming vacancies. Stay tuned for more soon!

Content Creation & Dissemination

ArchivesSpace Implementation Planning
The Archival Collection Management Working Group is hard at work preparing an implementation plan to transition the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service (A&M) from Archivist’s Toolkit to ArchivesSpace over the next two years. With a preliminary plan for migration cohorts, training, and support, the group is making calls to all A&M participating institutions in order to prepare a plan that meets institution needs and is aligned with the available resources. The group will wrap up its work and make its recommendations to the CCD Team by the end of this month. 

Digital Preservation Working Group
The Digital Preservation Working Group had concluded its survey of Alliance institutions and digital preservation practices and is hard at work preparing its report and recommendations for next steps for the CCD Team. The survey response rate was one of the higher we have seen, and the WG appreciates that! Their report and proposed next steps will be shared when they are available.

Exploration Working Group: Data Sets, OERs, and Unique Collection Sharing
The three sub-groups of the Exploration Working Group—Data Sets, OERs, and Unique Collection Sharing—are also hard at work completing the projects assigned to them. They will also report out to the CCD Team this month with recommendations for next steps. For more details on the scope and focus of their work, see the group's webpage.

Look for their reports soon!

Discovery & Delivery

Summer Meeting
In addition to a full day of Summit and fulfillment topics, there are a variety of breakout sessions focused on discovery and delivery topics. If you're in public services and interested in how Primo works, please consider attending both the Getting Started with Primo Configuration and Customization session and the Hackfest session on Tuesday. The morning session is a great introduction to Primo Back Office, and will also prepare attendees to do more hands-on work in the afternoon session. More information about the Summer Meeting is available.

Primo May Release - Production
The May release was installed on production Sunday, May 29th. This release allows for some customization of the new Primo UI. The release notes are available through the Ex Libris Knowledge Center. 

Alma June Release - Sandbox
The June release was installed on the premium sandbox environment Sunday, May 26th and is currently being tested. This release is scheduled to go into production on Sunday, January 5th. Release notes and resolved issues are available.

Annual Account Reconciliation (AAR)
The updated AAR instructions, timeline, procedures, and FAQ are out! Alliance libraries are currently in an initial phase of searching for missing items locally. Once locally-found items have been identified, an updated master list of missing items will be compiled and distributed no later than Monday, June 13th, for a consortium-wide search as the next phase.

Renormalization/Reindexing Windows: Survey Reminder
The Norm Rules Working Group is looking for windows during which the Alliance-wide renorm/reindex process that comes with updating Primo norm rules an be run. Please ensure that your institution responds to the renorm/reindex survey no later than 5pmWednesday, June 15th. If you have questions or comments, please send them directly to NRWG Chair Lesley Lowery.

Call for Priority Support Issues
Please submit any discovery- or delivery-related cases to Jennifer Wardby noon on Monday, June 6 to be surfaced in June's Priority Support Issues call. Send the case number(s) and a brief problem statement about why the issue is important, and if you have any specific questions for development, please include those as well.


Shared Content

E-Resources July 1 Renewals Update
The E-Resources staff are finalizing the last July 1st renewals of the year. Our goal is to have all products fully invoiced by June 17th. Send any last minute needs to eresources@orbiscascade.org. All order changes need to be received prior to announced deadlines to keep the team on schedule.   

Wiley E-Book Pilot - Primo Records Now Available
The Alliance's pilot project with Wiley publishers began May 1. The E-book Working Group (thanks to Hilary Robbeloth!) has finished launching the e-collection in Alma/Primo. The e-books are available on the Wiley Online Library platform, which also supports the Wiley journals available under a separate license. Details about the evidence-based purchasing project areavailable online.
End-of-Year DDA Title Purchasing
The E-book Working Group is preparing for an end of year purchase of e-books in the DDA program. The budget is underspent this year, so the group will analyze use and select titles that received repeated use widely across the consortium. Purchase decisions will be shared with Shared Content Team Representatives.

Academic Complete Titles to be Removed by Ebrary 
The Ebrary Academic Complete semi-annual title removal cycle happens June 22nd. Libraries may opt to purchase the titles locally by June 15th, and a spreadsheet with titles and Alliance use is available online: Titles Removed from Academic Complete: June 2016
The Community Zone list in Alma should be updated through a regular weekly feed between Ex Libris and ProQuest. Please give it time to reflect changes, but report all errors through your Ex Libris’ SalesForce. Local manual record removal for these titles is up to local discretion.


No-PDS authentication
Wade Guidry (Puget Sound) and Nathan Mealey (PSU) have successfully implemented in production Primo authentication bypassing the Patron Directory Services (PDS) layer. This promises to reduce the number of Primo authentication-related problems for these institutions. There will be a breakout session on implementing no-PDS authentication during the upcoming Alliance Summer Meeting.

Whitworth University implementation
Whitworth University is on track for a June 27 implementation of Alma and Primo in production, becoming the 38th Alliance institution online on the Alliance Shared ILS.

Alma June release
The Alma June release has several interesting features, including:
  • (Acquisitions) It’s now possible to attach more than one POL to an Electronic Collection record
  • (Fulfillment) It's now possible to place a physical item request from Manage Patron Services, Request tab, as shown in this video.
The release notes are online. The June release will be installed on Alma production on Sunday, June 5.

Primo Consortial Configuration Working Group
The Systems Team has launched a new working group to investigate consortial functionality in the new Primo UI and make recommendations to the Alliance. The Primo Consortial Configuration Working Group will be working throughout June in order to have recommendations ready for discussion at the summer meeting. Working group members include:
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University, Chair
  • Holli Kubly, University of Oregon
  • Dan Moore, Oregon State University
  • Jeremy McWilliams, Lewis & Clark
More info on the group is available.

Primo Day at the Summer Meeting
The Systems Team will be organizing a full day of Primo sessions on the Tuesday of the summer meeting. The two sessions are built to complement one another, and provide something for everyone who’s interested in learning more about configuring and customizing Primo.
  • Primo Day (part 1), Getting started with Primo Customization and Configuration: This session will offer an overview of the Primo Back Office and how to use it to configure and customize your Primo instance, followed by demos of implementing some common customizations. The session will be perfect both for people new to the Primo Back Office, and those looking for a refresher. Ample time will be included for hands-on troubleshooting of specific customization questions and challenges brought by attendees.
  • Primo Day (part 2), Primo Hackfest: The Primo Hackfest will build on the morning session by looking at more in-depth topics for configuring or customizing the Primo interface. Demos and topics will cover everything from tweaking your search results ranking to implementing interface customizations using CSS and Javascript, and will be aimed at giving people the tools needed to customize their own Primo interfaces. In addition, an in-depth demo of the customization framework for the new Primo UI will be included.

Editor's Note

Please send any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions for future content to Cassie Schmitt.

Check out the Alliance News on the web for future reference.
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