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November 3, 2017

Alliance News November 2017

From the Chair of the Board & Executive Director
We are looking forward to welcoming Council to our November meeting for the kick-off discussion on the Alliance’s Mission, Vision & Values. Crux Consulting will be facilitating our planning for the next year. In March we’ll focus on outcomes and impacts; and we will complete the primary brainstorming stages in July, with discussion of initiatives that fit within our mission, vision, values and desired outcomes and impacts. Stay tuned as we work with Crux and the Strategic Planning Project Group to identify the best mechanisms to integrate member feedback into Council’s discussions.

We last worked on our mission, vision and value statements in 2012-2013. Just to remind us all what these statement says, here they are.
Our mission:
The Orbis Cascade Alliance enables member libraries to advance institutional missions through collaboration and innovation.

Our vision:
The Orbis Cascade Alliance is an exemplar of the 21st century library consortium. We join together in the spirit of innovation and combined expertise, seeking efficiency and productivity to strongly promote the success of students, faculty, staff, and researchers. We bring multiple perspectives together to challenge traditional thinking and elevate our ability to deliver outstanding services, programs, and collections.

Our values:
As a membership organization we value open communication, innovation, agility, discussion and collaborative decision making that elicits and includes the perspectives of each member. We value and nurture strong and lasting personal and institutional commitments to our work together. Where differences occur we value open debate, exploration, willingness to change, and the creation of solutions that serve the collective good of our member colleges and universities as a whole.

As an organization, we have lived and worked through fundamental change since Council last reflected upon our mission, vision, and values. We have all migrated to ExLibris, we have a new executive director, and we have many new library directors/deans who are part of Council. We will spend considerable time at our November meeting assessing if all these words still make sense as we look forward to the next five years. We will solicit feedback from member staff as we work throughout this year not only on mission, vision and values but on those initiatives we want to focus on in the near future. 
In addition to strategic planning, the November Council meeting will have discussions on voting guidelines for Council meeting, the SILS Evaluation, our relationship with Ex Libris, a report from the Dues Distribution Task Force and updates from all the Teams.

Alliance staff and members are working very hard to help us create a fully staffed Alliance central staff in January. Hiring processes for the Program Manager for Shared Content & Technical Services, Finance Manager, and the Network Zone Manager should conclude in November. The new staff will meet in January to plan how we’ll all work together to better serve all of the members!

Dana has had some lovely weather to visit our Bend-area members, Central Oregon Community College & Oregon State University Cascades Campus. She even enjoyed the fall color when driving to visit Marylhurst University in Portland. In November, Dana is headed north to visit St. Martin’s University, The Evergreen State College & Seattle University. 

Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair of the Board and Council
Dana Bostrom, Executive Director

Welcome Jesse Holden!

We are very pleased to have Jesse Holden join us as our new Program Manager, Shared Content & Technical Services.  

Jesse joins us from positions at EBSCO, USC, Millersville and Stanford. Jesse's references reminded me that he "wrote the book" on acquisitions, and his book is indeed in its second edition. Jesse demonstrated during his interview that he has tremendous knowledge in technical services, and the areas we call shared content, and in working with stakeholders both in libraries and in the external world (e.g. vendors, users) to create excellent solutions. Jesse will work from his home in the Camas, Washington, area. You will see him soon, as he starts Monday November 6! He will join us for our Ex Libris meeting on November 7, and begin to meet everyone and learn about the Alliance. Joan Thompson will work to orient Jesse, as will the rest of the Alliance staff and the SCTS Team and groups.  

You can reach Jesse at jholden@orbiscascade.org. Please join me in welcoming him to the Alliance!

Copyright First Responders

Thanks to the recent award of a John F. Helmer professional development award, Copyright First Responders (CFR) is coming soon to the Pacific Northwest. Tentatively scheduled for late spring/early summer of 2018, this comprehensive copyright education program provides librarians and staff with the tools, techniques, and confidence to address the multitude of copyright questions asked every day in academic libraries.  CFR is a decentralized training model for copyright expertise, developed by Kyle Courtney at Harvard University’s Office for Scholarly Communication. Its mission is to establish a culture of shared understanding of copyright.  Embedded in each Alliance library, trained CFRs will develop information expertise, create a collaborative network of support among peers, serve as a resource by answering copyright questions and share critical knowledge.

If you have questions or comments about the CFR program, please contact one of the Helmer award project team: Chelle BatchelorRachel BridgewaterLinda Frederiksen, or Sue Kunda.

Program & Team Updates

Discovery & User Experience

User Testing
The User Testing Toolkit Project Group, chaired by Holli Kubli, held their first meeting on October 27th. The group clarified their deliverables (updated on the group page) and has begun their work. Stay tuned for more information from this group in the coming weeks.

Open Call
The next DUX open call will be on Thursday, November 16 at 10am. We will send the agenda out next week, but we look forward to hearing Kim Willson-St. Clair's presentation on Research Models, Primo, and the First Year Experience. She gave this presentation at PRIM this past August, so if you weren't able to attend, you can catch it next week. 

Ex Libris has released information for the Primo November release. You can find links to the release notes as well as the start of Alliance generated documentation on the Primo Release Testing documentation page. The Primo Release Testing SG will also have information to share on the next open call.

Primo new UI
To extend Primo new UI functionality: The Primo Customization Standing Group has created a form to solicit ideas for new customizations for the Primo new UI to be included in the Central Package. This standing group’s work is shown on this Trello board.

Resource Sharing and Fulfillment (RSF)

New RSF Project Groups
The Resource Sharing and Fulfillment Team is pleased to announce the members appointed to the Analytics and Fulfillment Project Groups:

Analytics Project Group members:

  • Kevin Edwards, Portland Community College, Chair
  • Jean Fenske, The Evergreen State College
  • Mary Galvin, University of Oregon
  • Doug McClay, Walla Walla University
  • Maria Kessler McShane, Pacific University
  • Doris Munson, Eastern Washington University
  • Cassandra Palmore, University of Puget Sound
  • Jennie Rossie, University of Washington, RSF Team member

Fulfillment Project Group members:

  • Lori Hilterbrand, Oregon State University, Chair
  • Mike Farris, Pacific University
  • Tami Garrard, University of Washington
  • Justin Smith, University of Idaho
Congratulations and welcome to the members of these groups, and many thanks to everyone who was nominated and who considered serving!

Alma New UI
The Alma classic user interface is scheduled to retire, and will no longer be available for institutions beginning on January 7, 2018. We encourage all libraries to enable the new UI early. Until January, libraries have the option of switching back and forth between the new and classic UIs while getting acclimated to Alma’s new look. The Summit Standing Group is updating the Alliance’s Summit documentation in support of the transition to the new UI.

Alma November Release
The Alma November release will be installed on Alma production on Sunday, November 5.  RSF updates, as well as related Alliance case information, can be found in this release summary.

Summit Standing Group Updates
In addition to working on documentation, the SSG is testing the November Alma release using ExLibris’ open testing framework, TestRail. This framework allows users from different organizations to share test scenarios and results with one another. TestRail has been populated with testing scenarios, suggested by Alliance users, to create a more streamlined testing process.

S&F Day Feedback Website
The RSF Team created a Summit & Fulfillment Day 2017 Website to share information gathered from the conference feedback survey and small group discussions times. We’ve summarized the feedback and  highlighted how we plan to use this information to guide Open Calls and documentation. In addition, RSF community members have the opportunity to provide additional information to the RSF Team and volunteer their expertise to train and support others in the community.

Shared Content & Technical Services

SCTS has had a busy month recruiting for new groups and getting the new NZ Manager Support Group started. 

Ebook Working Group
The EWG has been working with Taylor & Francis to address access issues throughout the month of October. In October, all previously loaded T&F records were deleted and replaced with records from the OCLC Knowledgebase. T&F’s planned migration completion, scheduled for October 31, was postponed until November 7. Libraries are encouraged to go to the T&F Admin site and check on their admin settings. 

As a reminder, please check your local ezproxy config files to confirm the new platform stanza is loaded https://www.oclc.org/support/services/ezproxy/documentation/db/tandfebooks.en.html.   The new Taylor and Francis & CRC ebook platform: https://www.taylorfrancis.com 

Also, your institution should be receiving email directly from T&F regarding administrative login details for the new platform.  If you are the relevant person to manage such information for your institution and you have not received emails from T&F regarding this change, please contact support@taylorfrancis.com for more details.

Local Fields Group
The Local Fields Group has wrapped up their work and are submitting a final report shortly. Details will follow after the report has been reviewed.

Normalization Rules Standing Group (NRSG) 
The NRSG’s most recent round of normalization rule testing occurred October 30 through November 3 (testing announcement and guide).  This round of testing was limited to one new rule to include OCLC numbers with the OCLC prefix “on” in Primo search indexes.  During the renormalization/reindex process that is scheduled to occur the week of November 13, an additional issue will be addressed to remove the display of the “union catalog” link from Amazon.com (this issue was caused by records being normalized by the wrong rule set between August 5 and September 21).  The NRSG is also evaluating projects and issues to tackle in 2017-2018; expect to hear more about these projects in a future newsletter.

The NRSG welcomes a new group member, Junghae Lee, from University of Washington.  Welcome Junghae!

NZ Manager Support Group
The group had its first meeting on October 24. The group will be providing guidance and support to the NZ Manager during the first few months on the job. 


Alma new UI
Expect the Alma classic UI to be unavailable for use in early January. Ex Libris support managers confirmed this past week that the Alma classic UI will be unavailable beginning in January.

For training and information materials on the new UI, see the Systems Documentation page, Alma section, for links to Alliance and Ex Libris resources. Information on upcoming training/info sessions will be posted in the coming weeks to Alliance Announce.

Primo new UI
To extend Primo new UI functionality: The Primo Customization Standing Group has created a form to solicit ideas for new customizations for the Primo new UI to be included in the Central Package. This standing group’s work is shown on this Trello board.

Ex Libris provided some development updates for the Primo new UI.

  • External searches with “quotes” triggers problem with subsequent login (Also, login problem when coming into Primo from third-party databases) Ex Libris injected a fix on the week of October 30, which has been successfully tested
  • Requesting buttons do not display properly in Primo New UI (in some contexts, requiring refresh in browser) Ex Libris is targeting the February 2018 Primo release for resolution, fix date not confirmed

Systems Open Call for November
The next Systems Open Call will be held on November 8 from 1-2 PM. This meeting will include a demonstration (by Willamette University’s Bill Kelm) of Alma Analytics’ ACRL reports support and updates on the Ex Libris Idea Exchange voting process.

Unique & Local Content

ULC Team Appoints Standing and Project Groups
On Monday, October 23, the Unique & Local Content Team selected members of standing and project groups. Just one group for this fall—the Digital Collections in Primo Project Group—is still in the process of being constructed. Two more groups (Teaching and Research with Digital Collections, Archives West Assessment Project Group) will be recruited and staffed in early 2018.

Unique Materials in the SILS Standing Group
Members are:
  • Ryan Hildebrand (University of Oregon), Chair
  • Crystal Rodgers, University of Washington
  • Richard Sapon-White, Oregon State University
  • Robin Champieux, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Alliance (ex officio)
The group will prioritize and continue to work through and propose solutions (2017) and move to implementation of solutions (2018) to known issues documented in FY17 by the predecessor group, as detailed in their final report.

This group plays a key role in supporting the ULC's charge to provide broad oversight and leadership for the development, stewardship, and dissemination of unique and local content, by its study of and response to issues affecting unique materials represented in the Alliance”s Shared ILS (SILS). Its approach to problem resolution will include examination and potential revision of both consortial and institutional practices.

OER Standing Group
Members are:
  • Talea Anderson( Washington State University), Co-chair
  • Tina Hovekamp (Central Oregon Community College), Co-chair
  • Rick Stoddart, University of Idaho
  • Ben Tucker, University of Puget Sound
  • Heather White, Mt. Hood Community College
  • Robin Ashford, George Fox University
  • Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Alliance (ex officio)
The group will produce the following:
  • A set of best practices for production, review, dissemination, and/or preservation of open educational resources (OERs), and share in the Alliance's Documentation Center. These best practices should focus particularly on needs specific to the Alliance, including, but not limited to, management of OERs in the Shared ILS
  • A report that documents opportunities for partnering with existing OER advocacy organizations. 
Dublin Core Best Practices Standing Group 
Members appointed:
  • Laura Buchholz, Reed College (chair)
  • Julia Simic, University of Oregon
  • Jules Filipski, University of Portland
  • Sue Kunda, Western Oregon University
  • Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Alliance (ex officio)
The group will produce the following: As soon as possible this fall, lead and facilitate discussions with the ULC community and Alliance membership about standardized and free-text rights statements. Topics should include:
  • The overall purpose and intent of standardized rights statements. What do members see as issues or barriers? How successful have they been in facilitating institution-wide conversation on approaches to risk management? What support or knowledge do they need to do this effectively?
  • How does the Alliance want to handle the non-rights-related content that has often been added to free-text rights statements, including citation formats, credit lines, purchase information, and boilerplate text about fair use?
After these discussions:
Work for spring 2018 will come out of fall activities; the ULC Team will work with the group on additional outcomes

CC Licenses in AW Project Group
By the end of 2017, the group will:
  • Identify possible Creative Commons (CC) licenses for finding aids in Archives West
  • Provide documentation to members for standards going forward (as update to the Alliance’s EAD Best Practices)
  • Contribute to implementation of recommendations by surveying member institutions about preferred CC licenses
  • Answer questions and address any concerns about the project and its outcomes
[Note: Staff will work with A&M participants to choose/globally apply the CC licenses and modify the AW stylesheet so they are visible]

Members of this group are:
  • Anne Jenner (University of Washington), Chair
  • Steve Duckworth, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Ashlyn Velte, University of Idaho
  • Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Alliance (ex officio)
Once this group's work is implemented, we'll have fulfilled the aims of the exploration of this topic over the last two years:
  • 2016-2017 Task Force and EAD Database WG explored how to encode rights statements (for the archival metadata) into archival finding aids.
  • This was a follow-up to a session at SAA 2016 in Atlanta about “open metadata” and the article “Time to Open Up: The Why and How of Opening Up Archival Finding Aids and the Unintended Consequences of Being Closed” (by Merrilee Proffitt and Heather Briston) in March/April 2016 issue of Archival Outlook.
  • The TF made recommendations and EAD DB WG refined and clarified the recommendations in order to share with Archives & Manuscripts participants in May 2017. Those present at the A&M meeting enthusiastically endorsed moving forward with the group's proposal.

Editor's Note

Please send any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions for future content to Cassie Schmitt.

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