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September 8, 2017

Alliance News September 2017

From the Chair of the Board & Executive Director

Thank you for all the applications for the John F. Helmer Awards! The Awards Committee (Jane Carlin, Puget Sound, Chair; Michael Paulus, SPU; Marilyn Moody, SU) for this Professional Development award met recently and awarded funds to these two projects:
     Project Title: Personal Digital Archiving, Train the Trainer Workshop
     Project Leaders:
  • Instructor: Danielle Mericle, Interim Manager Digital Scholarship Projects; Curator of Photography, U of O
  • Admin: Sara Amato, Digital Asset Management Librarian, Willamette University
     Project Title:  Copyright First Responders: a Consortial Approach
     Project Leaders:
  • Chelle Batchelor, University of Washington
  • Rachel Bridgewater, Portland Community College
  • Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University Vancouver
  • Sue Kunda, Western Oregon University
Their proposals are linked from the Helmer Professional Development Award page. Congratulations!
The Board met in August and discussed the SILS Evaluation draft report, working with a facilitator and inspirational speaker for strategic planning, and the voting process at Council meetings. We’ll meet again in September to discuss the final strategic planning timeline to be reviewed by Council via phone call and email in October and program review. The Board is considering reviewing all Alliance programs as part of strategic planning, not just identifying new initiatives that we are considering. 

Earlier this week, we released information on many Alliance project and standing groups that will form this fiscal year. We hope that having so much of the information at once helps you plan your participation this year. Please let Dana know any feedback, so we can improve for next year!

And please join us in wishing Margarita Wickham well as she returns to the University of Oregon as a full time student. She has been an important part of the Alliance staff even in her few years with us, and we’ll miss working with her, as I know you will as well.  

Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair of the Board and Council
Dana Bostrom, Executive Director
From the Executive Director

I’ve had the privilege of being the Executive Director for about 15 months now, but have many more members of the Alliance to visit! Last month, I moved to Portland, OR and now am based out of my home office. You’ll soon see me around the Portland area more, and I hope to visit members in the area more frequently. 

With Margarita Wickham leaving the Alliance to go back to school full time, we’re excited to welcome Angeline Schoonover to fill part of Margarita’s shoes. Angeline joins us as a recent graduate from University of Washington’s iSchool, where she worked as a Graduate Assistant with Linda DiBiase and Corey Murata, among other Husky colleagues. Angeline will be focused on working with members and vendors on database renewals, and our finance team will take over the invoicing. Robert Kohl, a MLIS student at Emporia, will also begin work with us. He’ll focus on helping Joan Thompson with some of the “big deals” that come due in the next months. The Search Committee for the Shared Content & Technical Services Program Manager is meeting now and plans to share more details about candidates for the role later this month.

Program & Team Updates

Discovery & User Experience

Welcome Molly Gunderson!
Andrea Heisel, initial chair of the DUX Team, completed her last day at The Evergreen State College on September 1. We welcome Molly Gunderson (Portland State University) as the new chair of the DUX Team! 

DUX Team & Groups
The DUX team has completed recruitment for the Primo Release Testing Standing Group. You can find the list of members here. Thanks to those who volunteered to be part of this standing group!

DUX is currently recruiting for the User Testing Toolkit Project Group. This group will focus on building a user testing toolkit to support user testing at Alliance libraries. Nominations for this group are due Wednesday, September 20. Please send in your nominations via this survey.

DUX is working on a survey for those working in reference and instruction to identify needs in Primo, whether you are working in the classic Primo or in the new Primo UI, to help us decide where the Alliance can be of assistance. We are aiming to send this survey out sometime in October. Stay tuned for updates.

Primo August release
We had 18 go votes with no "do not go" votes. DUX has approved and the planned upgrade will happen this coming Sunday, September 10. 

DUX Open Call
The next open call will be on Thursday, September 21 from 10am-11am. Stay tuned for an agenda next week, but expect several presentations on the new Primo UI from schools that have gone live.

Resource Sharing and Fulfillment (RSF)

Summit & Fulfillment Day Recap
Thank you so much to those who attended and contributed to a fun and informative Summit & Fulfillment Day!  It was great to see all of you (we had more than 100 attendees!) and to hear about the things you are doing at your institutions.

The presentation slides are available in the Alliance Documentation Center and are also linked from the RSF Team webpage: https://www.orbiscascade.org/summit-fulfillment-day-2017-presentations

The Team is reviewing the feedback you provided, and will share a summary and next steps with the RSF community soon.

September Alma Release
The Alma September release was installed to production on Sunday, September 3rd., and includes the new Alma UI. The New UI is disabled for users by default, so RSF community members will want to check in with their institutional Systems Repabout plans and local timelines for going live. Documentation & training materials for this release can be found in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center.

Upcoming RSF Groups Recruitment
Recruitment for RSF Groups is under way! We are actively seeking members for three groups: an Alma release testing group, an Alma Analytics group, and a Fulfillment group. You can learn more details on the RSF Team's FY18 Group Recruitment page. Nominate yourself or your colleagues using the recruitment survey - it can be submitted multiple times. Please submit your nominations by Wednesday, September 20th.

Open Calls
Our first open call of the year was on Thursday, 9/7. A recording of that call is linked from the RSF Team's homepage. Please let us know if you have information or resources you'd like to share, issues you'd like to raise, or topics you'd like to see addressed on those calls.

Ex Libris' Release Testing Pilot Project - Open Testing Framework
RSF community members, coordinated by RSF Team Chair-Elect Jen Jacobs, have started participating in Alma release testing in Ex Libris' shared test environment pilot. This environment is being used with other Alliance testers, as well as testers from the larger Alma community across functional areas. The goal is to both reduce the amount of testing Alma institutions currently perform, and to incorporate customer-generated tests into Ex Libris' ongoing release testing. Systems Program Manager Al Cornish is leading the Alliance's participation, and the group will share more information about the project and its outcomes over the next few months.

Shared Content & Technical Services

In preparation for the departure of Margarita Wickham, the Alliance has hired Angeline Schoonover as the new, part-time, Electronic Resources Specialist. Angeline will begin training the week of September 10. She will be focused on working with members and vendors on database renewals while our finance team will take over invoicing. Angeline joins us as a recent graduate from University of Washington's iSchool, where she worked as a Graduate Assistant with Linda DiBiase and Corey Murata, among other Husky colleagues. 

Goodbye and best wishes to Margarita (September 25) and welcome to Angeline!

Ebook Working Group
Oxford University Press content, including University of California Press titles, was loaded and became available in Alma/Primo in August. At the end of August Taylor & Francis / Routledge / CRC content became available. The EWG continues to work with T&F on improving the records loading process. Many thanks to Abby Bibee and Tom Larsen for all of their hard work on getting this done!

The ProQuest DDA program ended in August. As in previous years, the EBW selected titles for purchase from the highly and broadly used DDA titles of the past year, adding over 200 new titles. Thanks to Alex Rolfe for pulling the title list together. 

Local Fields Group
The Local Fields Group has been working steadily and expects to have a final report completed in the next couple of months. 

Recruiting for NZ Manager Support Group
We are currently recruiting for members the NZ Manager Support Group. Nominations are due Wednesday, September 20. Please send in your nominations via this survey.


Alma September release
The Alma September release was installed on production environments on Sunday, September 3. The release notes are available online.

This release includes support for the Alma new user interface’s use in production.

Systems Open Call for September
This month’s open call will be held on Wednesday, September 13, from 1 PM to 2 PM. Demos will include:  Primo Back Office configurations (Dan Moore, Oregon State University) and a Primo Search Widgets demo (Paul Ojennus, Whitworth University).

Primo New UI
Currently, 15 Alliance institutions are live with the Primo new UI, with three additional institutions scheduled to go live in September (full list available online).

Institutions making plans for their migration should consult the Primo New UI documentation page, which includes a link to the Alliance Primo New UI manual (which is being updated based upon lessons learned from earlier migrations)

Alma new UI training 
Ex Libris will be leading a 90 minute Alma new UI training session for the Orbis Cascade Alliance on September 20, from 9:00 to 10:30 AM. Connection information was distributed on the Alliance Announce listserv on September 7.

Primo Standardization Project Group
The Primo Standardization Project Group members have been selected: Rami Attebury (Idaho), Stewart Baker (Western Oregon), Kun Lin (Whitman), Rebecca Marrall (WWU), Lisa Molinelli (PCC), Curtis Wyant (Alliance), Scot Harrison, Chair (Saint Martin's). This group will begin work in September, focusing on creating and testing standardization model(s) for the Alliance's Primo implementation. Visit thePSPG webpage for more detailed information.

Open Testing Framework
A group of Alliance Alma testers is participating in an Ex Libris pilot project, the Open Testing Framework. Alliance testers are working in an Ex Libris-provisioned system, TestRail, to load testing plans and results, while being able to view the testing results loaded by Ex Libris and those of the nine other institutional participants in the pilot.

Unique & Local Content

Unique & Local Content Team Begins FY18 Work
The Unique & Local Content Team has begun its work for the year by parsing out (and winnowing down) its project list and considering what types of groups will work with the team to accomplish its goals. 

With the Archival Collection Management Standing Group already working in support of new and continued ArchivesSpace installations, the Team expects to call for members of project and standing groups in October. The team may make modifications Some project groups will not begin their work until calendar year 2018. 

Topics of groups are further detailed on the call for groups posted to the Announce list earlier this week. The team may make modifications to the number, scope, or focus of groups this month. Stay tuned for more information!

ArchivesSpace Workshop Schedule for Fall
In support of institutions just implementing ArchivesSpace, or who implemented last year but need a refresher on key points, the Archival Collection Management Standing Group of the Unique & Local Content Team has scheduled workshops for fall. Workshops are open to any Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service participants who have or are implementing ArchivesSpace.
For more details, see the workshop schedule, descriptions, and registration here.

Editor's Note

Please send any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions for future content to Cassie Schmitt.

Check out the Alliance News on the web for future reference.
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