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July 14, 2017

Alliance News July 2017

From the Chair of the Board & Executive Director

Welcome to the Alliance’s new fiscal year. With July 2018, the Alliance starts our year with new staffing plans, projects and human resources. The Board is excited for what we’ve achieved in 2017 and what’s ahead in 2018. A snapshot of the highlights of FY 2017:
  • The Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group worked on identifying and resolving issues with unique and local materials in Primo, making truly unprecedented progress that will help us all identify better practices in the coming year, and (with the support of the Oregon State Library’s LSTA program), members remediated and enhanced nearly 40,000 digital objects for aggregation in Primo and/or the Digital Public Library of America.
  • We selected a new courier, and thanked our previous courier for over a decade of service. We had another banner year of sharing print materials and collaborating to serve patrons.
  • One member went live on the new Primo user interface, and many members planned for their transition. Members helped each other as they learned what can be done.
  • We developed a comprehensive survey tool of our integrated library system, and everyone participated.
  • Members designed an entirely new e-book licensing program.
  • We welcomed a new staff member, Curtis Wyant; said goodbye to Kathi Fountain and Debora Place; and thanked Linda DiBiase for her work as an interim program manager.
  • Members designed a new method to measure member work on groups.
  • Members worked together to support the Network Zone and helped create a new job description for a full time position.
So much more happened, and it couldn’t have been achieved without all the hard work you contributed! We’ve included a long list of the amazing members who participated on an Alliance group this year. We will release information about FY18 groups soon, and look forward to your participation.

Council meets this week, and will be discussing a number of interesting issues: Updated Alliance values; Primo standardization; OER activity; and the strategic planning process. We’ll get started on preparing for our Ex Libris contract renewal, data sharing, and many Team projects right away!

We’ll be re-launching our search for a Program Manager for Shared Content and Technical Services, and beginning a search for the Network Zone Manager. While we’d hoped to complete the SCTS PM search first, we do not want to wait until January to have the NZ Manager onboard. Dana is in the process of forming a search committee for the NZ Manager. We look forward to your participation in both search processes.

This month we began our own HR office. We were reminded of Dalia Corkrum's statement on the occasion of Council's decision to incorporate in 2011, which was a major milestone, and we thought was still appropriate today:
 "Fellow Council members, today I am asking that you remember you were here when history was made. Just as our librarian predecessors took that leap of faith, knowing that the Ohio College Library Consortium was destined for greater things than library cooperation within the State of Ohio, so we too stand at the threshold of an unique opportunity to transform academic libraries. We couldn't have made it this far without those first few brave libraries and the Meyer Memorial Trust who believed that Orbis and Cascade were of such value. Nor would we have grown and prospered without the broad shoulders of the University of Oregon to support our developing alliance. This organization was founded by and continues to evolve because of the commitment, dedication and faith of all its member libraries and staff.

So to all that came before us, to those of us here willing to take this next step, and to the next generation of librarians who will continue to guide this organization, we celebrate the Incorporation of the Orbis Cascade Alliance."

And Lynn Baird, our current chair had this to add:
This is my final message from the chair. You will soon be hearing from our wonderful colleague, Susan Barnes-Whyte, as she steps into this role. I have been honored and humbled by the efforts of all of our members. This list of accomplishments is by no means complete nor does it fully represent the effort we take to improve our services to our students and faculty through our collaborations. I stand in awe of your contributions.

I also want to recognize the herculean efforts of the HR Task Force and Executive Director Bostrom that helped us with the arduous task to become an independent organization. The Orbis Cascade Alliance, by transitioning its personnel functions, has become fully separate from the University of Oregon. We could not have been successful without the tremendous support from the University of Oregon in our formative years. This new beginning for the Alliance is a noteworthy occasion and we owe all those who were involved in the process our thanks for seeing this through.

So, welcome Susan! And farewell from the chair. I look forward to helping again from the sidelines.

We hope to see you at Summit & Fulfillment Day, PRIM, or at Team meetings this in the next few months. Enjoy the summer!

Lynn Baird, Outgoing Chair of the Board and Council
Dana Bostrom, Executive Director

Alma UI/UX Update

In the second half of 2017, Alliance institutions will need to transition to the use of a new user interface. Preview screens of the new user interface are now available by clicking on the “New UI Preview” icon in Alma. This interface will be first available for use in Alma production on September 3. The new user interface will be configurable, so that access to the new interface is limited to specific Alma accounts or set as the default for all users. 
Additionally, it’s possible for staff at Alliance institutions to test the Alma new user interface in a sandbox environment. Please contact your institution’s System Team representative for access information. 
Ex Libris has scheduled a webinar on the new Alma user interface for July 26 from 8 AM to 9 AM Pacific. This session will be recorded and posted online. For those who have not yet registered, see this page for additional sessions. Beyond this, there will be information sessions at the Alliance and community (open call) levels in the coming months. These will be announced on community listservs and on Alliance Announce as they are scheduled. 
The current Alma user interface is expected to be phased out, or made unavailable, with the install of the January release on production on Sunday, January 7

Thank you!

For FY14 184 member library staff directly contributed to the work of 52 Alliance groups! Wow! We could not do this work without you. Here's everyone!

Abby Bibee, Reed College
Adriene Lim, University of Oregon
Agnes Wiacek, University of Puget Sound
Aimee Quinn, Central Washington University
Alex Merrill, Washington State University
Alex Rolfe, George Fox University
Amanda Clark, Whitworth University
Amber d’Ambrosio, Willamette University
Amy Coughenour, Concordia Unviersity
Andrea Heisel, The Evergreen State College State College
Andriana Yovcheva, Pacific University
Andy Eickholt, Eastern Washington University
Anne Bahde, Oregon State University
Anne Jenner, University of Washington
Annie Downey, Reed College
Barbara Valentine, Linfield College
Becky Paulson, Seattle Pacific University
Ben Hunter, University of Idaho
Ben Murphy, Whitman College
Beth Joffrion, Western Washington University
Beth Longwell, Eastern Oregon University
Bill Kelm, Willamette University
Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
Brian Davis, Oregon State University
Brooke Robertshaw, Southern Oregon University
Carol Drost, Willamette University
Cathy Chapman, St. Martin's College
Chelle Batchelor, University of Washington
Chelsea Nesvig, University of Washington
Cheryl Davenport, Clark College
Chris Shaffer, Oregon Health & Science University
Christy Zlatos, Washington State University
Claire Dannenbaum, Lane Community College
Conor Casey, University of Washington
Corey Murata, University of Washington
Craig Milberg, Willamette University
Dalia Corkrum, Whitman College
Dan Moore, Oregon State University
Danielle Mericle, University of Oregon
Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, Oregon Tech
Dena Hutto, Reed College
Devin Becker, University of Idaho
Donna McCrea, University of Montana (non-member A&M participant)
Doris Munson, Eastern Washington University
Doug McClay, Walla Walla University
Elaine Hirsch, Lewis & Clark College
Elizabeth Joffrion, Western Washington University
Emily Dominick, University of Washington
Erin Bledsoe, Central Washington University
Erin Gallagher, Reed College
Eva Guggemos, Pacific University
Faye Chadwell, Oregon State University
Faye Christenberry, University of Washington
Ginny Blackson, Central Washington University
Gordon Aamot, University of Washington
Heather White, Mt. Hood Community College
Heidi Nance, University of Washington
Hilary Robbeloth, University of Puget Sound
Holli Kubly, University of Oregon
Isaac Gilman, Pacific University
Jada Pelger, University of Puget Sound
Jane Carlin, University of Puget Sound
Janet Hauck, Whitworth University
Jeff Gayton, Southern Oregon University
Jen Jacobs, Lewis & Clark College
Jen Klaudinyi, Portland Community College
Jennifer Ward, University of Washington
Jenny Oleen, Western Washington University
Jeremy McWilliams, Lewis & Clark College
Jesse Thomas, University of Idaho/Western Washington University
Jill Emery, Portland State University/Reed College
Johanna Staman, Seattle Pacific University
Julia Simic, University of Oregon
Julia Stringfellow, Central Washington University
Julianne Hoppen, Whitman College
Julie Carter, Whitman College
Julie Gaida, Pacific University
Karen Clay, Eastern Washington University
Karen Highum, University of Washington
Karen Kunz, Oregon Tech
Karen Spence, Portland Community College
Karen Stephens, Central Washington University
Kate Ball Jones, University of Oregon
Kate Cabe, Western Washington University
Kate Thornhill, Oregon Health & Science University
Kathleen Spring, Linfield College
Kathy Faust, Lewis & Clark College
Kelley McGrath, University of Oregon
Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Oregon Tech
Kim Colvin, Washington State University
Kim Read, Concordia Unviersity
Kristi DeShazo, Oregon Health & Science University
Kun Lin, Whitman College
Kyle Banerjee, Oregon Health & Science University
Laura Buchholz, Reed College
Laura Tucker, Lewis & Clark College
Laura Zeigen, Oregon Health & Science University
Lesley Lowery, Western Washington University
Leslie Hall, Western Washington University
Lihong Zhu, Washington State University
Linda Crook, Lane Community College
Lindsay Lerno, Concordia Unviersity
Linnea Marshall, University of Idaho
Lorena O'English, Washington State University
Lori Hilterbrand, Oregon State University
Lori Hilterbrand, Oregon State University
Lori Robare, University of Oregon
Lori Wamsley, Lane Community College
Lynn Baird, University of Idaho
Maija Anderson, Oregon Health & Science University
Maria Kessler McShane, Pacific University
Marilyn Moody, Portland State University
Mark Carlson, University of Washington
Mark Dahl, Lewis & Clark College
Mark I. Greenberg, Western Washington University
Mary Ellen Kenreich, Portland State University
Mary Galvin, University of Oregon
Mary Grenci, University of Oregon
Meghan Williams, Western Washington University
Michael Boock, Oregon State University
Michael Paulus, Seattle Pacific University
Michele Reilly, Central Washington University
Michelle Bagley, Clark College
Michelle Weston, Western Washington University
Milly Williams, Portland Community College
Molly Gunderson, Portland State University
Morag Stewart, University of Washington
Moriah Caruso, University of Washington
Nancy Hoover, Marylhurst University
Natalie Beach, Chemeketa Community College
Nathan Georgitis, University of Oregon
Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
Paul Ojennus, Whitworth University
Rachel Arkoosh, Pacific University
Radka Ballada, Clark College
Rami Attebury, University of Idaho
Raven Keppinger, Southern Oregon University
Richard Sapon-White, Oregon State University
Rick Block, Seattle University
Rob Bohall, George Fox University
Robin Champieux, Oregon Health & Science University
Rodney Birch, George Fox University
Roger Stelk, Whitman College
Rose Carlson, Portland Community College
Rose Sliger Krause, Eastern Washington University
Ruth Steele, Western Washington University
Ryan Hildebrand, University of Oregon
Sara Amato, Willamette University
Sara Brownmiller, University of Oregon
Sarah Johnson, Concordia Unviersity
Sarah Rowland, Eastern Oregon University
Sarah Shipley, Seattle Municipal Archives (non-member A&M participant)
Sarah Stevenson, George Fox University
Scot Harrison, St. Martin's College
Sean Lind, Central Washington University
Serin Anderson, St. Martin's College
Shanel Parette, Willamette University
Shannon Eagles, Chemeketa Community College
Sion Romaine, University of Washington
Stacy Taylor, Central Washington University
Stefanie Buck, Oregon State University
Stefanie Gorzelsky, St. Martin's College
Stephanie Michel, University of Portland
Steve LaFollette, Lewis & Clark College
Steve Perisho, Seattle Pacific University
Stewart C Baker, Western Oregon University
Susan Barnes Whyte, Linfield College
Susan Shipman, Washington State University
Suzanne James-Bacon, Washington State University
Suzanne Sager, Portland State University
Talea Anderson, Washington State University
Tamara Marnell, Central Oregon Community College
Tami Wilkerson, Oregon Health & Science University
Tatiana Bryant, University of Oregon
Theodore Gerontakos, University of Washington
Tina Hovekamp, Central Oregon Community College
Tom Bielavitz, Portland State University
Tom Larsen, Portland State University
Turner Masland, Portland State University
Wayne Richter, Western Washington University
Whitney A. Buccicone, University of Washington
Zeb Evelhoch, Central Washington University

Program & Team Updates

Discovery & User Experience

The month of July has been a busy month of gearing up for Discovery and User Experience work. Currently, the team is working through our high level priorities, developing shared understanding of our goals and the language of usability, accessibility, and user experience, and recommending the structures we will need to help tackle the priorities. We have also begun conversations with other Alliance teams as we navigate how to meld our user focus with other initiatives in the Alliance. Stay tuned for some exciting opportunities to serve on working or project groups or to provide the team feedback very soon!
The Discovery and User Experience Team provides broad oversight and leadership for the development and use of discovery systems and services. As experts for the consortium, the team determines policies and procedures and continually assesses discovery systems and interfaces to achieve improved services.
High level Priorities:
  1. Lead consortium-wide user testing, user experience, and accessibility efforts for discovery interfaces, including partnering with other program areas
  2. Partner with Systems to support the new Primo UI through:
    1. Reviewing and assessing impacts of proposed changes to: authentication, internal users, end user display (such as consortial configuration)
    2. Outreach and training efforts to stakeholders in Public Services roles
  3. Work with Shared Content/Tech Services, Unique and Local Content, and Systems to improve discovery of digital and analog unique and local materials in the SILS
  4. Build on and improve training and documentation efforts for Primo Analytics
  5. Outreach to Reference & Instruction community to identify future collaboration needs
Specific projects and groups coming soon!

Resource Sharing and Fulfillment (RSF)

The RSF Team had its first meeting, and is looking forward to working in these areas this year: building RSF capacity in creating and using Alma analytics reports, exploring options for improved sharing of unique and local content, learning from and partnering with other consortia, and expanding outreach and mentoring efforts to the RSF community. Thank you again to the RSF Clackamas trainers, the outgoing D&D Team members, and all our resource sharing folks who helped make this epic courier transition go so smoothly. We hope to see you in person at Summit & Fulfillment day on August 4th at Clark College!

Shared Content & Technical Services

The Shared Content Team had its final meeting prior to merging with Technical Services. The Technical Services Working Group wrapped up its last meeting in June and finalized priorities to carry forward as Technical Services merges with Shared Content.

The Alliance will be relaunching its search for a Shared Content & Technical Services Program Manager in July and starting the search for the Network Zone Manager in August. Stay tuned for those announcements.

EBook Working Group
The EWG is working to finalize setup for T&F/CRC EBA and our OUP/UC Press ebook acquisition. As a reminder, the DDA via Proquest ebook central will be shutting down August 15. The Proquest Academic Complete subscription will continue for another 3 years. And that Shared Content Technical Services Team representatives should stay tuned for more information in the next month as the EWG wraps up and communicates details of ebooks available AY2017-18.


Systems Team Open Call
The most recent Systems Open Call took place on July 12th. The recording can be found here. Highlights include an update from the Norm Rules Working Group regarding upcoming changes to the Primo environment and a demonstration on setting up and maintaining COUNTER/Sushi accounts in Alma.
Primo New UI Migration Report
The following institutions have reported their migration schedules for Primo New UI:
  • Washington State University - May 8
  • Lewis and Clark College - July 10
  • Willamette University - July 24
  • Linfield College - August 1
  • University of Puget Sound - August 1
  • Portland State University - August 7
  • University of Idaho - August 7
  • Whitworth University - August 14
  • Oregon State University - August 20
  • Central Washington University - August 31
  • Oregon Institute of Technology - September 10th
  • Eastern Oregon University - September 11
  • Central Oregon Community College - January 2018
Primo Customization Working Group
The Systems Team has finalized its charge for the newly re-organized Primo Customization Working Group. We will be recruiting members for the group throughout the remainder of July. If you are interested in participating, please email Paul Ojennus pojennus@whitworth.edu and Dan Moore Dan.Moore@oregonstate.edu.
Alma enhancements
Final voting for the 2017 Alma enhancements cycle has been completed. Three Alliance-supported requests, including requests for displaying requestability information for resource sharing requests and support for sending hourly overdue notices, will be sent to Ex Libris for development. A finalized list of requests will be announced soon. 
The University of Portland’s Bonnie Parks chaired the Alliance working group that supported Alliance voting in this cycle. Other working group members:  
  • Erin Gallagher, Reed College
  • Mary Grenci, UO
  • Ray Henry, Alliance 
  • Lori Hilterbrand, OSU
  • Cassie Schmitt, Alliance 
  • Morag Stewart, UW
  • Tami Wilkerson, OHSU
  • Curtis Wyant, Alliance 
Systems Team Page on OCA Website
The Systems Team will soon be revamping its page on the Orbis website to include information relevant to: Primo New UI Migration, Alma New UI Migration, and Analytics. We will update you when the content has been added.

Unique & Local Content

As of July 1, we've cast off the Content Creation & Dissemination (CCD) program name and assumed our new name: Unique & Local Content (ULC) Program. The names of our services remain the same: the Archives & Manuscript Collections Service, and the Digital Collections Service
The newly-appointed Unique & Local Content Team is making its work plans for the year. You can see their full list of initiatives here; specific projects and groups to support them will be announced by fall once we firm up priorities and how we will work with other Teams. 
In the meantime, the Archival Collection Management Standing Group is starting its work in support of institutions migrating to or continuing their implementation of Archivist's Toolkit. The Team appointed them right away so that they can support necessary AS documentation and training this summer.

Harvester Contributions: Now Over 67,000
Last night, the University of Washington contributed 24,293 to the Alliance harvester for DPLA. That brings us to a total of 67,655 objects for DPLA and 36,000 for Primo! Keep the contributions coming!

Contributions by Institution
Institution Objects for DPLA Objects for Primo
Concordia University  96  96 
Eastern Washington University 1280 1280
George Fox University  1456  1456 
Lewis & Clark College  566 566 
Linfield College  633  633 
Oregon Institute of Technology  1580 
Oregon State University  5823  5823 
Reed College  1185  73 
Seattle Pacific University 355  355
Southern Oregon University  1103  1103 
University of Idaho  10035  10035 
University of Oregon  5750  5750 
University of Portland  119  119 
University of Puget Sound  3869  3869 
University of Washington  7883  3376 
Washington State University  1629  1629 

Contributions by Institution Thanks to Outgoing CCD Team Members
The following individuals concluded their two-year terms on the Content Creation & Dissemination Team on June 30:
  • Rose Krause, Eastern Washington University. Under Rose's leadership, the Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group made unprecedented progress on issues affecting unique collections in our shared management and discovery space. Prior to her work on that group, she played a critical role in supporting the team's consideration of EAD3. Her unusual set of skills--reaching across metadata for both libraries and archives, and including a sound understanding of Alma and Primo--were a real gift to the Team's work. 
  • Devin Becker, University of Idaho. Devin played essential roles in the early development of our Dublin Core Best Practices, using his keen knowledge of metadata standards and experience with DPLA to all our benefit. This last year, he's led the work of the Digital Preservation Working Group, which created an outstanding resource to support digital preservation work at Alliance libraries. 
  • Isaac Gilman, Pacific University (outgoing chair). Isaac has a distinguished record of service on Alliance groups and is a skilled navigator of issues around scholarly communications, digital collections, and the value of unique and local content. He chaired the Team the same year that he became Pacific's library director, a challenging situation! He's moved on to higher offices at the Alliance, elected to the Board of Directors and appointed to the Strategic Planning group!
We also said a fond farewell to Mark Dahl (Lewis & Clark College), who has been the CCD Team Council Liaison since the Team's inception in 2014. Mark has been an unusually engaged and effective liaison, attending nearly every meeting, providing sound support for Council communications, and lending the director's perspective to the Team. He's also simultaneously been a member of the Board of Directors, so those two roles represent a huge contribution to the Alliance.
We are grateful for Rose, Devin, Isaac, and Mark!

Editor's Note

Please send any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions for future content to Cassie Schmitt.

Check out the Alliance News on the web for future reference.
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