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In 2010, in preparation for the (at that time) future RFP process seeking a next-generation Shared ILS, the Collaborative Technical Services Team (CTST) formed the Bibliographic Standards Best Practices Work Group to develop a set of practices that should be implemented in a new environment based on a shared ILS. That group had to make their recommendations without knowing which ILS would be selected, or even which ILS products would be considered. The recommendations of that group, which have come to be known as the Bibliographic Mandates, are included beginning on page six of the CTST Final Report. The mandates are also available on the Bibliographic Mandates page of the Alliance website. 

In 2012, a follow-on group was charged with developing guidelines based on the Bibliographic Mandates which would help improve the migration process to a shared ILS. This group developed a summary of the Bibliographic Mandates intended to help Alliance members begin preparing for the future migration process. The summary document describing the mandates includes a total of 18 specific practices bulleted under the seven mandates.

As migration is complete and all institutions have had at least six months working in the shared system, the Technical Services Working Group (TSWG) would like to know if the original Bibliographic Mandates are still relevant in the Alma environment, to what extent member libraries are meeting the terms of the mandates, and what obstacles exist to full compliance. The information gathered will help guide the TSWG as it plans its future activities.


The Bibliographic Mandates Review Group is charged with reviewing the bibliographic mandates:
  • to confirm their ongoing relevance
  • to revise and/or augment the list as needed to ensure it is comprehensive
  • to determine whether member institutions are complying and, if not, what barriers exist to full compliance
TSWG will provide a liaison to the group. The liaison is a resource for clarifying the charge and will check in periodically to ensure that the group is on target to submit its report.


A report about the degree of compliance, suggestions for improving compliance with the mandates, and recommendations for renewing, updating or eliminating each mandate.

The report is due to the TSWG by February 1, 2015.

Debra Spidal, Chair Washington State University
Kate Cleland-Sipfle Southern Oregon University
Joe Kiegel University of Washington
Linnea Marshall University of Idaho
Lori Robare University of Oregon
 Suzanne Sager Portland State University
 Kyle Banerjee, TSWG Liaison Oregon Health & Science University