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Al is out today on a much deserved day off, so I thought I”d put together some updates and announcements for the Systems community this week.
Some of these you may already be aware of, but here there are in one place.
Systems team meeting
Notes from this week”s Systems Team call have been posted:
Alma September Release
The Alma September Release goes into production this weekend.
Here are some of the systems-related highlights of the release, as well as notes on our ‘best effort’ testing:
Title Field added to User Record (tested as working)
  • You can import a title field (Mr, Ms, etc) via SIS patron loads, *but only using V.2 schema*
  • When manually editing patron records, you can add a title field to any patron record.
  • Title field is free-form, so you can create any titles you'd like.
  • Given that the title field is free-form, the possibility does exist to use the field for a different purpose. For me, one thought that cropped up was using it to identify work-study students. Of course, such ‘off label’ use would not be viable long term, but may prove useful for quick-and-dirty projects, especially if the field is available via Analytics (we don”t have Analytics support in the sandboxes, so I don”t know the answer to that question yet)
Resending Patron Notifications (tested as working)
You can now manually re-send notices from the patron record, from the attachments tab.
The notice sent, which can be customized, says something like "you are being re-sent this notice". The re-sent notice actually arrives as an attachment, not as part of the body.

New HealthCheck tool tests (tested as working)
There are 3 new health checks in the healthcheck reports:
  • Acquisitions: Checks that all active POs have active funds
  • Use Management: Checks that users can be managed in Alma
  • User Management: Checks the integration between Alma and the student management system
New library open hours API (under investigation)
An API now exists to retrieve library hours.
PSU is currently investigating how to create a web-publishable widget or code (probably in javascript or jquery) to add output from this API to a library web page. We will share their results once available.

2015 Alma Enhancements Working Group Debrief Report

      1.  Increase the vote allotment to Alliance recommendations from 70% to 80%
2.  Set a cap on the number of Alliance enhancement recommendations made at each stage of voting

Both of these recommendations are designed to increase the potency of Alliance voting within the ELUNA / IGeLU enhancements process 
Upcoming calls
Alliance Priority Support Issues meeting, Sept 3

Primo Toolkit Working Group
Lastly, sad news about departures from the Alliance systems community.
Thanks for all your work and contributions. We'll miss you!
Systems Team Page
Wade Guidry
Library Applications Administrator
Collins Memorial Library
University of Puget Sound
(253) 879-2667