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From Wade and Al, here are some systems-related updates for this week:

Alma enhancements process

The ELUNA / IGeLU Alma Enhancement voting for 2015 has reached a conclusion. Six enhancement requests have moved forward to be addressed by Ex Libris. Two of the the six enhancement requests received an Alliance Alma Enhancements Working Group recommendation. The Alma Enhancements Working Group will release a debriefing report on this year’s activity in the near future. The six supported enhancement requests with descriptions and notes as provided by ELUNA have been posted on the Systems Team page.

Primo indexing performance update

The Primo renormalization and reindexing maintenance duration (roughly 95 hours in duration) has been a severe operational limit for the Alliance. The Alliance Board engaged with Ex Libris in the spring on Summit 3 and Primo issues, the latter of which included the need to significantly reduce this duration, with "48 hours or less" stated by the Alliance as the target.

Ex Libris has installed enhanced storage in the Primo premium sandbox that enables a reduction in Indexing and Hotswapping time, the longest-running job in renorm/reindex maintenance. Earlier this week, ExL provided a procedure for performing this maintenance - it's estimated that this solution will reduce premium sandbox and production renorm/reindex time to around 72 hours. I will be working with Keith Folsom to schedule the maintenance soon to get a benchmark time, which will be posted to the sys-discussion list. The improved storage that will enable reduced indexing time is expected to be installed in the Alliance's production Primo environment in September. The Alliance's work with Ex Libris to reduce Primo renorm/reindexing maintenance time will continue.

Primo Toolkit Working Group

The members of the Primo Toolkit Working Group have been chosen, and will be formally announced next week.

Service Level Agreement Working Group

The Service Level Agreement Working Group is currently analyzing 2015 Quarter 2 performance (April through June) and will release a summary report in the near future.

Al Cornish
Program Manager
Systems support for Alma, Primo and other services
Orbis Cascade Alliance
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acornish@orbiscascade.org (email)