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The Assessment Team leads the Alliance through the process of evaluating how our programs and services support the member libraries and their patrons.

The Assessment Team is charged with planning and implementing practical assessment initiatives that position the Alliance as an evidence-based/data-driven consortium. The team's development of assessment initiatives as well as their consultation and education regarding Alliance-wide assessment activities will provide the Board and Council with information and data that reflect benefits and communicate the impact and value of Alliance services and programs.

Annual Goals(November 2015 - June 2016)

  1. In consultation with the Ebook Working Group, conduct qualitative assessment of the shared Ebook program in accordance with the recommendations contained in the FY15 Ebook Assessment report.

    • Assess the experience of end users (defined as the users of Alliance libraries rather than library staff)

    • With the Ebook Working Group, and with the results of the end user assessment, create a framework for assessment to be carried out in FY17

    • Investigate staff and technical inputs required to implement a dashboard of basic data, including possible relationship to Alma Analytics COE, and communicates again with EBWG/Shared Content PM

  2. Oversee the work of the Primo Assessment Joint Working Group.

    • This group will assess Primo 5 in relationship to known problems and limitations of current Primo. Data sources will include the Priority Support Issues, Primo enhancements voted on by the Alliance, and known customizations. The audience for the assessment is Council.

    • Continue strong relationship with the Systems Team's Primo Toolkit Working Group and Primo Release Testing Working Group

  3. Continue development of assessment plan in collaboration with other Teams.

    • Development of an assessment plan may result in the establishment of a common data set at the Alliance in FY17

    • The Team will be requesting space on the agenda for the February in-person meeting of all Team chairs and Program Managers in order to develop the assessment plan

  4. Improve and increase communication across the Alliance about the mission, focus, and accomplishments of the Assessment Team.

    • Implement the Board's plan for development of Assessment Team goals, in which those goals are derived from the goals of other Teams

    • Implement structural change: Assessment Team members will be assigned to other Teams as liaisons

    • Continue strong relationship with the Center of Excellence initiative on consortial reporting

    • In collaboration with other Teams, develop monthly impact statements around successful/completed assessment and share in Alliance newsletter

The Assessment Team is the result of the Assessment Task Force which was charged to consider and provide recommendations concerning the implementation of a consortial approach to assessing and communicating the value, outcomes, and impact of the Alliance. The Assessment Task Force issued its final report in June 2012, and the Board of Directors created the Assessment Team.

In 2013, the Alliance's Assessment Team was charged to update the NWCCU accreditation standards statement on the Alliance website. Their final report contains brief and extended statements for members' use in accreditation reports. For more information, see Accreditation Resources.

In 2014, the Assessment Team hosted the Library User-Experience & Assessment Un-conference (LUAU).