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For institutions using Alliance ArchivesSpace hosting

Best Practice Recommendation: The purpose of the Orbis Cascade Alliance’s ArchivesSpace documentation is to:

  • Ensure a basic level of uniformity in the structure, encoding, and content of archival collection management metadata
  • Promote interoperability of metadata
  • Provide clear guidance on program-wide and institutional choices
  • Ease the pathway from ArchivesSpace to Archives West

This version is for institutions using Alliance ArchivesSpace hosting.

Specifies the preferences, controlled value lists, and default values that the Alliance sets on hosted instances, where institutions may want to change or augment, and where doing so will create non-compliant data and outputs. 

Software: ArchivesSpace v. 1.5.2
Configuration notes: n/a
Current phase: Phase 5 (Approved) Written by: Archival Collection Management Standing Group of the Unique & Local Content Team
Approved by: n/a Last updated: 2017 September 22

Does this documentation need to be updated? Email info@orbiscascade.org

Nature of last update: Correction to erroneous information about date ranges.
Document History: Version 1.2