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Established: January 2015

Type of Group and General Comments
Teams can form ad hoc working groups that are chaired by a team member with membership drawn from staff at member libraries. Selected working groups might also include non-members. For example, a working group concerned with the courier might include non-member participants. Joint Working Groups may be formed by the Board and assigned to a lead team.

Charge for FY15
  • Create group.
  • Prepare for pilot in conjunction with the CCD Team and Alliance staff.
  • Carry out pilot in the first half of FY16.

Charge for Pilot (first half of FY16)

  • Migrate data from locally-managed and/or NWDA hosed Archivists” Toolkit instances to ArchivesSpace.

    • Ensure that accessions migrate

    • Ensure that resource records migrate

    • Ensure that subjects and names migrate

    • Ensure that linked accessions and resources, including those with one-to-many and many-to-one relationships, migrate

    • Ensure that subjects and names linked to accessions and resources migrate

  • Document support needs

    • What degree of documentation, training, and support is needed?

    • What internal workflows developed?

    • Without training, document issues and how they were resolved

    • Note what documentation that is publicly accessible through AS or other groups/repositories, and what steps would need to be taken to create a user manual

  • Document hosting needs

    • Host AS on Amazon servers for at least two institutions and document resources needed for technical infrastructure, including whether varying sizes/degrees of implementations would justify varying costs

    • Document whether other systems in use at institutions can interact effectively with AS hosted on Amazon servers

  • Document participating institutions” experiences using AS post-migration

    • Determine whether EAD files that meet our EAD Best Practices can be exported from AS

    • Determine what modifications to the AT2NWDA script would be needed to make exported EADs meet our EAD Best Practices.

    • Evaluate AS ability to work with other systems - test, research other working groups progress, etc.

  • Determine whether it is feasible and cost-effective for the Alliance to support AS without a service provider relationship with ArchivesSpace.

  • Determine what level of financial support is needed for a full implementation for all institutions now using AT, or who would like to implement AS:

    • Apply Collaborative Workforce Model to determine staffing support

    • Determine technical infrastructure costs

    • Propose service model(s)

    • Propose cost distribution model(s) to participants in the Archival Collection Management program.

  • Participants will report regularly to the CCD team to ensure work is being documented and created --also membership communication

  • Based on the assessment, determine the Alliance”s ability to extend the hosting services beyond the pilot phase.