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Normalization rules can be grouped together and packaged into a single process which can then be used in both import profiles and external system configurations (e.g., the Alma configuration for OCLC's Connexion imports) to modify all bibliographic records being imported into Alma.

OCA Normalize

The OCA Normalize process was intended to be developed so it included all Alma normalization rules that the Alliance agreed should be applied to all bibliographic records being imported into Alma from OCLC's WorldCat database, either via import profiles or via Connexion, and other import processes as appropriate. As of July 2016, the OCA Normalize process only contains the following tasks:

Task: MARC 21 Bib Re-Sequence
Developed by: Ex Libris
Function: Sorts the bibliographic fields according to their field tags, for example 001, 100, 200, and so forth. Fields between 500 and 899 are sorted only on the first digit (retaining the field order in the incoming bib record).

Task: OCA Remove 029
Developed by: Alliance
Function: Removes all 029 fields from incoming bib records. This was done since a) the OCLC 029 fields contain Other System Control Numbers which normally are vendor numbers used for internal OCLC WorldCat maintenance processes and serve no function within Alma, and b) shortly after migration to Alma we discovered that a significant number of WorldCat bib records contains so many 029 fields that Alma processes were unable to process the full WorldCat bib records.

To get to the OCA in the NZ account, go to Alma > Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > Cataloging > Metadata Configuration > Active Profile: MARC21 Bibliographic > Tab: Normalization Processes

As an example to use in developing the OCA Normalize process, the Ex Libris-supplied Marc21 Bib normalize on save process includes only the single task, marc21BibClearEmptyFieldsTask.

Any Ex Libris-supplied task or Alliance-developed normalization rule can be added to the OCA Normalize process, but the tasks and/or normalization rules must be created in the Alliance's NZ account. The OCA Normalize process, however, although it was created in the NZ account, can be used in any import profile or configuration in an institutional IZ account as long as the import profile or configuration loads records into the NZ.

A different approach to modifying WorldCat bibliographic records prior to being imported into Alma is to use WorldCat Collection Manager's ability to customize WorldCat bib records. This approach, however, can only be used to modify records being imported using Alma import profiles to load daily WorldCat update files. The approach cannot be used to also modify bib records imported into Alma using Connexion.


The Technical Services Working Group (TSWG) is responsible for approving changes to the OCA Normalize process. Suggestions for changes to OCA Normalize, including adding new tasks, should be submitted via email to the CWT Program Manager, Cassie Schmitt (cschmitt@orbiscascade.org). It would be a good idea to discuss any possible changes on the Technical Services Discussion List before submitting an idea to Cassie and the TSWG.

Software: Alma

Current phase: NA Written by: Bob Thomas

Approved by: NA
Last updated: 07/26/2016
Staff Contact: Cassie Schmitt Nature of last update: NA

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